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  1. Furadantin (nitrofurantoin)
    • Use: treatment of UTI
    • Side effect: asthma attacks, diarrhea
    • Nursing: anti-infective, give with food or milk, monitor pumonary status, to be taken with cranberry juice
  2. Pyridium (phenazopyridine)
    • Use: UTI, decreases pain (urinary tract anagesic)
    • Side effects: headache, vertigo, turns urine orange
    • Nursing: to be taken with meals
  3. Heparin
    • Action: blocks conversion from prothombin to thrombin
    • Use: PE, venous thrombosis, MI
    • Side effects: hematuria, tissue irritation
    • Nursing: monitor PTT, nml 20-45 sec, therapeutic level 1.5-2.5 times control, antagonist protamine sulfate, give SC or IV, avoid use of ASA and NSAIDs
  4. Coumadin (warfarin)
    • Action: interferes with synthesis of vitamin k - dependent clotting factors
    • Use: PE, venous thrombosis, prophylaxis post acute MI
    • Side effects: hemorrhage, alopecia
    • Nursing: monitor PT, nml 9-12 sec, therapeutic level 1.5 times control, antagonist: vitamin K, monitor for bleeding, give PO, monitor for hematuria, bleeding gums, black tarry stools, avoid ASA and NSAIDs, avoid foods with vit K (green vegetables, pork, rice, yogurt, cheese, fish, milk), vit C decrease effect, vit E increase effect, Garlic / Ginkgo / Ginger: increase effect
  5. Insulin: Regular, Humulin R
    • Type: fast acting
    • Onset: .5 - 1 hour
    • Peak: 2-4 hours
    • Duration: 6-8 hours
    • Midmorning see hypoglycemia
    • Only one to be given IV or pump
  6. NPH, Humulin N
    • Type: intermediate
    • Onset: 2 h
    • Peak: 6-12
    • Duration: 18-26
    • Early evening reaction
  7. Ultralente, Humulin U
    • Type: long acting
    • Onset: 4 h
    • Peak: 8-20 h
    • Duration: 24-36 h
  8. Humulin 30/70
    • Type: short to intermediate
    • Onset: .5
    • Peak: 2-12
    • Duration: 24

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Specific medications, classifications, and unique uses, side effects etc
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