Communication pamphlet

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  1. Tip: Don't argue when your angry
    Reason: You may say something you regret
  2. Tip: Make sure to Respect your partner
    Why: Few people are okay with being looked down on

    Mean things are more likely to be said

    Relationships fall apart without respect
  3. Tip: Don't make assumption that partner "knows" something
    Why: Prevents misunderstandings

    Reduces chance of taking an inappropriate action
  4. Tip: When arguing, respect each other's arguing style
    Why: reduces the deterioration of the arguement

    reduces looking down on each other
  5. Tip: Do not role your eyes
    Why: nonverbally communicates, "I think your stupid"
  6. Tip: Stonewalling should be avoided
    Why: some partners will feel abandoned, angry afraid and/or anxioius

    Predicts divorce
  7. Tip: Avoid Nagging
    Why: It leads to stonewalling

    many times its not specific and thus leads to misunderstandings
  8. Tip: try to avoid being defensive
    Why: problem never gets solved

    partner won't feel cared about
  9. Tip: ask for a specific change instead of complaining
    Why: it's more effective

    allows partner to answer "can you do this differently"
  10. Tip: Try to be positve and supportive
    Why: it helps relationship be more positve (classical conditioning)
  11. Tip: Listen to Understand
    Why: helps person avoid judging, critisizing, day-dreaming and missing the point
  12. Tip: Avoid distracting environments
    Why: easier to listen when not being distracted

    its more efficient
  13. Tip: ask is this a good time to talk?
    Why: Sets up a situation for success
  14. Tip: Before bringing up something touchy or important, ask myself did i contribute to the problem?
    Why: it can soften my negative emotion towards the other person
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