Food and Restraund Vocab

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  1. Garlic
    El Ajo
  2. Cake
    La torta
  3. Pie
    El pastel
  4. Turkey
    El pavo
  5. Oil
    El aceite
  6. Flour
    La harina
  7. Ya sabe(n) que va(n) a pedir
    Are you ready to order
  8. Que desea(n)
    What do you want
  9. Que desea(n) de tomar/comer/postre/etc.
    What do you want to drink/eat/for dessert/etc.
  10. Que (les) traigo de tomar
    What can I bring you to drink
  11. Que le(s) gustaria
    What would you like
  12. Recomiendo...(la especialdad de la casa)
    I recommend...(the house special)
  13. Se le(s) ofrece algo mas
    Can I offer you anything else
  14. Que me (nos) recomienda
    What do you recommend
  15. Esta picante
    Is it spicy
  16. Deseo/Deseamos...
    I want/We want...
  17. Me/Nos gustaria...
    I/We would like...
  18. Quisiera...
    I would like...
  19. Para mi...
    For me...
  20. Por favor, me puede traer...
    Can you please bring me...
  21. Salud
  22. La cuenta por favor
    The check please
  23. Esta includia la propina
    Is the tip included
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