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  1. constitutionalism
    The belief in limiting govt. power by a written charter
  2. Articles of Confederation
    The first plan of a national govt. for the 13 states was replaced by the Constitution. Under the Articles, the states retained most political power
  3. Shay's Rebellion
    revolt by farmers in MA (1786-87) over lack of economic relief, led many to believe a stronger central govt. was necessary
  4. Annapolis Convention
  5. Northwest Ordinance
  6. Virginia Plan
  7. New Jersey Plan
  8. Great Compromise
  9. three-fifths compromise
  10. Federalists
  11. Antifederalists
  12. The Federalist
  13. republican (or representative) government
  14. checks and balances
  15. elastic clause
  16. writ of mandamus
  17. Marbury v. Madison
  18. original jurisdiction
  19. appellate jurisdiction
  20. judicial review
  21. Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
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