Chapt.50 Key Terms

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  1. Absorption
    The process of converting a drug from its dose form to a form the body can use.
  2. Administer
    To give a drug by injection, by mouth or any other route that introduces it in the body.
  3. Controlled Substances
    a drug or drug product that is catagorized as potentially dangerous andd addictive.
  4. Dispense
    Distributing a drug in its properly labeled container, to a patient who is to use it.
  5. Distribution
    the process of transporting the drug from its administration site, to its site of action.
  6. Dosage
    Size, frequency and number of doses
  7. Dose
    The amount of drug given at one time.
  8. Efficacy
    Therapeutic value
  9. Excretion
    The manner in which a drug is eliminated from the body
  10. Generic Name
    Drugs official name
  11. Indication
    The purpose or reason for using a drug
  12. Labeling
    Includes the form of the drug (liquid, etc.)
  13. Narcotic
    Popular term for Opioids
  14. Opioids
    Natural or synthetic drugs that produces opium-like effects (Codeine, Morphine, etc.)
  15. Pharmaceutical
  16. Pharmocodynamics
    The study of what drugs do to the body
  17. Pharmacognosy
    The study of charecteristics of natural drugs and their sources
  18. Pharmacokinetics
    The study of what the body does to drugs
  19. Pharmacology
    The study of drugs
  20. Pharmacotherapeutics
    The study of how drugs are used to treat diseases
  21. Prescribe
    A prescription given to the patient to be filled by a pharmacy
  22. Prescription
    A Physicians written order to authorize the dispensing of drugs to patient
  23. Prescription Drugs
    Prescribed drugs by physician
  24. Toxicology
    The study of poison or poisonous effects of drugs
  25. Trade Name
    Brand or proprietary name
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