Stress 2

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  1. Stressor
    A situation/ event that triggers physical and emotional reaction
  2. Eustress
    Stress triggered by a pleasant stressor
  3. Examples of eustress:
    First date, wedding
  4. Distress
    Stress triggered by an unpleasant stressor
  5. Examples of distress
    Taking a test, family member death
  6. What is the name for the three stages of depression?
    General Adaptation Syndrome
  7. Stage 1
    Alarm: Fight or flight
  8. What does the term "fight or flight" mean?
    When in a specific situation, your body gives you the ability to either fight the issue or avoid it.
  9. Stage 2
  10. Stage 3
  11. Stage 1 Characteristics
    • Adrenalin is released
    • Body is prone to injury/disease
    • Headaches, indigestion, anxiety
  12. Stage 2 Characteristics
    • Body begins to cope with the added stress
    • Uses much energy to maintain "normal" functioning
  13. Stage 3 Characteristics
    • Mental and physical
    • Once stressor is removed
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