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  1. observes and describes behavior and mental processes withou manipulating variables.
    descriptive research
  2. when one views ones own ethnic group as "correct" and judges others according to its standard
  3. Expirementer bias always
    produces flawed results
  4. 6 steps of the scientific method
    • review liturature
    • formulate testable hypothoses
    • choose a research design
    • statistical analysis
    • peer reviewed scientific journal
    • building theory furthor
  5. researchers can isolate a single factor and examine thw effect of the factor alone on a particular behavior through what?
  6. Focuses on free will, self actualization, and human nature as positive and growth seeking.
    Humanistic perspective
  7. advantages of experimental method
    minimizes artificiallty, it is easier to collect data, allows description of behavior and mental processe as they occur
  8. Psychiatrists
    medical doctors and have an MD degree with a specialization in psychiatry and a license to prescibe medications and drugs
  9. Problem with correlations
    many people assume correlation implies causation
  10. the cell body recieves info from the
    dendrites and provide life-support functions
  11. What is the largest and most prominent part of the human brain
    the forebrain
  12. Glial cells make up how much of the brains cells ?
    90% and play a direct role in the nervous system communication
  13. What does norepinephrine (NE) affect?
    learning, memory, dreaming, emotion, waking from sleep, eating, alertness, wakfulness, and reactions to sleep.
  14. What connects the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex?
    the corpus callsum
  15. The sending neurons normally reabsorb what?
    the excess neurotransmitters or they are broken down into by special enzymes
  16. What does the sympathetic nervous system convey?
    sensory info to the CNS and sends motor messages to muscles and can control involuntary basic life functions like a heartbeat
  17. Both grasping and the rooting reflex are
  18. The hypothalamus is part of they lymbic system and controls
    sex and thirst
  19. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for
    independent activities such as digestion and salivation
  20. The amygdala is part of the lymbic system and controls
    agression, fear, and possible influence on emotions such as depression
  21. The cerebelum coordinates
    fine muscle movement, balance and some perception and cognition
  22. the pons cordinate
  23. The Broca's are is part of the
    frontal lobe and controls language comprehension
  24. Stages of General adaption syndrom (GAS)
    • Alarm
    • resistance
    • ehhaustion
  25. During acute stress, cortisol prevents
    the retrieveal of existing memories or the laying down of new memories and general information processing
  26. Type A personalities
    • hostile
    • agitaged
    • easily angered
  27. Children experience PTSD after
    exposure to a traumatic life event
  28. Behavior modification, biofeedback and relaxation techniques
    effective means for helping an individual undergoing chronic pain
  29. In which appraisal of a stresful situation does an individual choose a coping method
  30. increase in cortisol causes
    and increase in damage to the hippocampus
  31. the SAM system is the bodys
    initial, rapid-acting stress response, involving the symphathetic nervous system and the adrenal medulla.
  32. what is one of the 10 most common hassles for a college student?
    being lonely
  33. positive life changes
    can cause a person stress
  34. Long term memory has
    permanent storage, relatively permanent duration and relatively unlimited capacity
  35. A weak echo (echoic memory) of auditory info
    can last up to 30 seconds
  36. implicit or nondeclarative memory is a type of memory that occurs
    without conscious recall
  37. example of a episodic memory
    recalling of your high school graduation
  38. elaborative rehersal
    seeking to understand new info and not just memorize info
  39. retrograd amnesia
    people lose memory for events that occur before a brain injury
  40. acronyme
    Dendrites, Cell Body, A?
  41. Client centered therapy
    • carl rogers
    • encourages people to actualize their potential and relate to others in genuine ways
  42. Identify your belief system and dispute the self defeating ideas and thoughts you had learned or addopted
    alber Ellis
  43. Women seek therapy for
    mental disorders due to stresses of poverty, mutiple roles, aging, and violence in relationships
  44. Overgeneralization
    the process of drawing negaitve conclusions about ones self-worth.
  45. therapy attepmts to change
    disturbed thoughts, disturbed emotions, disturbed behaviors, biomedical distubances and interpersonal and life situation difficulties.
  46. psychosurgueries such a labotomy
    durning 1950 , not really today
  47. magnification is the process
    of focusing only on the negative events while ignoring the positive events
  48. ativan valium and xanax
    common medications used to assist in the treatment of anxiety orders
  49. aversion therapy
    uses the principles of operant conditioning.
  50. social pychology
    study of how peiople infulence thought feelings and actions
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