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  1. Essential Nutrients
    • Macronutrients- Carbs, fats, protien
    • Micronutrients-vitmains and minerals

    these are not made in the body, have to get from diet
  2. Nutrients
    Carbs, Fats, Protiens, vitamins, minerals, water
  3. 1. Gluconeogenesis
    the making of glucose by the catabolism of AA & glycerol

    AA & glycerol --> glucose
  4. 2. Glycogenesis
    anabolism of glucose --> glycogen
  5. 3. Glycogenolysis
    catabolism of glycogen--> glucose, CO2, H2O
  6. vitamins that are toxic if in excess?
    A and D
  7. leading causes of death for Americans
    CAD, strokes, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer
  8. food issues for most people
    fats and cholesterol, energy and weight control, complex carbs and fiber, sodium and alcohol
  9. ABC- USDA dietary guidelines for Americans
    • Aim for fitness
    • Biuld a healthy Base
    • Choose sensibly
  10. Ovolactovegetarian
    vegetarian that eats eggs and milk products
  11. Lactovegetarian
    eats eggs, but no dairy products
  12. Vegans
    No meat, eggs or milk products
  13. Food irradiation
    way of preserving foods and eliminating bacteria on food surfaces
  14. Bovine Growth Hormone
    man made hormone given to cows to increase milk production
  15. Lab & Biochemical tests
    H & H, serum albumin, pre-albumin, transferrin, BUN, crreatine
  16. BMI
    above 30 considered obese
  17. what kind of diet should a pt with chronic HF have?
    Low sodium diet
  18. what sections does the food pyramid contain?
    • grains
    • veggies
    • fruit
    • milk/cheese
    • meats/nuts/eggs
    • fats/sweets
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