GRE Group Vocab 5

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  1. Anesthetic (noun)
    A substances that causes insensibility and removes pain
  2. Antipathy (noun)
    Aversion; dislike
  3. Arbitrary (adj)
    Subject to chance or individual whim; without definite reason
  4. Astrologer (noun)
    A person who believes that stars and planets influence human activity and attempts to predict the future by studying their positions
  5. Aversion (noun)
    An intense feeling of dislike or disgust
  6. Banal (adj)
    Lacking originality; commonplace
  7. Bent (noun)
    An inclination ot tendency
  8. Compensation (noun)
    Payment given for services rendered or for loss
  9. Compliant (adj)
    To approve tacitly by overlooking or excusing; to allow or forgive
  10. Convention (noun)
    A generally agreed-upon practice or attitude
  11. Correspond (verb)
    To exist in agreement or conformity; harmoinze
  12. Defer (verb)
    Yield; submit; bow
  13. Dogma (noun)
    Doctrine or set of religious principles
  14. Ensure (verb)
    To guarantee or make certain
  15. Equivocal (adj)
    ambiguous; doubtful or uncertain
  16. Extraneous (adj)
    Not vital or pertinent; irreleveant
  17. Fortuitous (adj)
    Happening by fortunate accident or chance
  18. Frugality (noun)
    Thriftiness; economy; prudence in financial matters
  19. Illusory (adj)
    Deceptive; based upon a false belief or impression
  20. Indifferent (adj)
    Having no interest or concern; shoing no bias or prejudice
  21. Insipid (adj)
    Withouth taste or flavor; lacking in spirit; bland
  22. Inured (adj)
    Accustomed to accepting something undesireable
  23. Miser (noun)
    An individual who lives poorly in order to hoard money; a person who is stingy
  24. Nonplused (adj)
    Baffled; in a quandry; at a loss for what to say or do
  25. Penchant (noun)
    Strong inclination; Liking
  26. Penury (noun)
    Poverty; destitution
  27. Plethora (noun)
    An overabundance; a surplus
  28. Preempt (verb)
    To replace; to supersede; to appropriate
  29. Presumption (noun)
    The act of makingan assumption or taking something for granted
  30. Prodigal (adj)
    Recklessly wasteful; extravagant; profuse; Lavish
  31. Prone (adj)
    Naturally inclined; tending; likely
  32. Propensity (noun)
    A natural inclination or tendency; penchant
  33. Qualms (noun)
    Misgivings; reservations; causes for hesitancy
  34. Quiescence (noun)
    Stillnes; motionlessness; quality of being at rest
  35. Reconciliation (noun)
    The act of reestablishing harmony or friendly interactions
  36. Repudiate (verb)
    To refuse to have anything to do with; to disown
  37. Restitution (noun)
    The act of returning something to its proper owner, or of compensating the owner for the loss of such an item; reparation
  38. Savor (verb)
    To enjoy in a thorough manner; to relish; to fully appreciate
  39. Serenity (noun)
    Tranquility; Peacefulness
  40. Solvent (adj)
    Able to meet financial obligation; able to dissolve another substance
  41. Stint (verb)
    To restrain; to be sparing or frugal
  42. Subjective (adj)
    Not objective; based upon internal perceptions rather than upon unprejudiced fact
  43. Superfluous (adj)
    Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  44. Tranquil (adj)
    Peaceful; calm
  45. Tranquility (noun)
    Calmness; serenity; peacefulness
  46. Trivial (adj)
    Unimportant; lacking value
  47. Veneration (noun)
    Extreme respect and reverence; worship
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