Chapter 1

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  1. What does the dorsal body cavitiy contain?
    Cranial Cavity and Spinal Cavity
  2. What does the cranial cavity contain
    The brain
  3. What does the Spinal Cavity contain?
    The spinal cord
  4. What does the ventral body cavity contain?
    The thoracic cavity and the abdomino-pelvic cavity
  5. Where is the thoracic cavity located?
    From the colarbone to the diaphragm
  6. Give 2 examples of the organs found in the thoracic cavity
    Heart and Lungs
  7. Where is the Abdominal-Pelvic cavity located?
    From the diaphragm to the illac crest
  8. Where is the abdominal cavity located?
    From the diaphragm to the iliac crest
  9. Where is the Pelvic Cavity located?
    From the iliac crest to the pubic bone
  10. Give 4 examples of the organs found in the abdominal cavity
    • 1. Stomach
    • 2. Kidneys
    • 3. Pancreas
    • 4. Small intestine & part of L.I
  11. Name 3 organs found in the Pelvic Cavity
    • 1. Urinary bladder
    • 2. Ovaries
    • 3. Rest of Large intestine
  12. What is homeostatis?
    Stable internal environment
  13. What organ is a dual gland & why?
    The pancreas because its both endocrine and exocrine
  14. What does insulin do?
    Lowers blood sugar
  15. What does glucangon do?
    Increase blood sugar
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