Ordination Exam

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  1. What are the two ordinances in the Baptist Church?
  2. The type of Church Government that Employ Governing Boards such as Ruling Elders and Deacons and Trustees known as?
  3. Once you are ordained what authority will you have in the Church and the Body of Christ?
    The Authority to Pastor, Perform Weddings, Baptism, and Serve Communion.
  4. What type of Church Government Enpowers the Pastor of a Church is known as:
  5. The type of Church Government used by many Baptist Churches that has strong hierarchial authority that resides in the Bishop who has the power to issue ordination are known as:
  6. Who is the Presiding Bishop of the FGBCF
    Bishop Paul S Morton Sr.
  7. Who is the Southern Atlantic Regional Bishop of the FGBCF?
    Bishop W. Oshea Granger
  8. The color of the clerical cord worn by District Overseers are:
    Royal Blue
  9. Who was the First State Bishop of South Carolina?
    Bishop Alfred Jackson
  10. North Western District Overseer Director
    Overseer G Curtis Patterson
  11. Who is the 2nd Presiding Bishop of the FGBCF?
    Bishop Neil Ellis
  12. Who is the South Central District Overseer/Director
    District Director Thomas Williams
  13. Who is the 3rd Presiding Bishop of the FGBCF?
    Bishop Clarence McClendon
  14. The color of the clerical cord worn by Elders?
  15. The color of the clerical shirt worn by the General Overseers:
  16. According to Ephesians 4:7-12 we believe as Full Gospel Baptist that spiritual gifts are given to the body of Christ to :
    Perfect Saints
  17. According to Acts 20:27 an 1:8 we believe as Full Gospel Baptist in the eternal power of Calvary and:
    The Power of the Pentecost
  18. As Full Gospel Baptist Churches follow this form of Church Government:
  19. The form of churches Government that allows the board or Elders to obtain a high level of authority to make decision for the congregation is known as:
  20. What is the acrostic meaning of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

    Why is it implemented and for what particular tier of Leadership?
    • First Class
    • Loyalty to Fellowship
    • Assimilate Full Gospel Distinctives
    • Vibrant Worship
    • Orderly Flow
    • Redemptive Atmosphere
    • To assist Pastors in implementing the Full Gospel Distinctives.
  21. In your own words identify and explain two of the 15 distinctives with details of its meaning and purpose.
    • 1. We believe in the autonomy of the local church as an independent entity.
    • 2. We believe that all believers are baptized with the Holy Ghost and all believers should be filled with the Holy Ghost.
  22. What are the two ordinances recognized in the Baptist Church?
    In your own words define each as you understand it from your ordination study guide.
    Why are they so significant?
    • Baptism submerse adults in water and believe the death and life of Jesus Christ and the newness of life.
    • Communion is the body of Jesus Christ. The bread is He's body. The wine is He's blood.
  23. What is the meaning of Ordination as it refers to Eldership and what are the benefits and authority given to those who hold such credentials:
    Credential for the state to recognize weddings, marriages, baptism, communion, Tax breaks, Pastorial Work, Assistant Pastorial Work.
  24. Identify at Least 3 three principals of Eldership as defined in the ordination study guide:
    Prayerful, Tither, Peacemaker
  25. Why and how should you like your Pastor:
    • A. Maintaining the same level of integrity.
    • B. Being in agreement with His teaching.
    • C. Never give or make members choose between the two (be one spirit)
  26. As Full Gospel Baptist we do not subscribe to the doctrine of:
    Infant Baptism
  27. The Full Gospel Distinctives theme or idea is about:
    • The Power of the Pentecost
    • The Holy Spirit
    • The Gift of the Holy Spirit
    • Ministry Gifts
  28. Ordination is a process by which a minister is:
  29. The Full Gospel Baptist Church follow What Doctrine and is what Faith?
    • Baptist Doctrine
    • Baptist Faith
  30. Flavor
    Why was it implemented and for what particular tier of leadership?
    To assist Pastor in implementing the Full Gospel Distinctives
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