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  1. Indications of betamethasone?
    Inflammatory skin conditions
  2. Precautions of bethamethasone?
    Diabetes - extensive systemic absorption may increase blood glucose levels

    Skin atrophy
  3. Adverse efects of betamethasone?
    folliculitis, steroid rosacea, skin atrophy, delayed wound healing,
  4. Dosage of betamethasone?
    enough to cover the affected area 1-2 times daily
  5. Counselling for betamethasone?

    what is the lowest dose product?
    Apply enough to cover affected areas. Smooth gently into skin, preferably after bathing.

    Low dose = 0.05% (there is one which is 0.02%)
  6. Indiccations for pimercrolimus?
    Short-term or intermittent treatment of active mild-to-moderate eczema
  7. Precautions for pimercrolimus?
    • Skin infections at treatment site—do not use.
    • Immunosuppression, skin cancer
    • Severely inflammed or broken skin
  8. Adverse effects of pimercrolimus?
    local irritation, burning sensation, itch, skin infections
  9. Dose of pimecrolimus?
    Apply a think layer to affected area
  10. Counselling of pimercrolimus?
    Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and inside your nose.

    Avoid exposure of treated areas to sun; wear protective clothing and use sunscreen.

    Some people, while using this cream, have facial flushing or skin irritation after they drink alcohol. Tell your doctor if this happens to you.

    • avoid using continuously for >6 weeks at a time
    • stop treatment if condition deteriorates or there is no noticeable improvement after 6 weeks
    • if irritation occurs, apply less frequently; if it persists or is severe, stop treatment
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