Digestive System

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  1. breaks apart into smaller pieces
  2. changes chemical structure
  3. What does the enzyme amlase do?
    kills off bacteria and breaks starches into simple sugars
  4. What is the uvula?
    an extension of the soft palate that plugs the nasal cavity.
  5. Who is the epiglottis?
    flap of elastic cartilage that covers the wind pipe, trachea, preventing food from entering.
  6. What two "juices" are secreted in the stomach?
    • Pepsin
    • HCL
  7. Why does the stomach have a thick layer of mucus?
    to prevent damage to the walls (ulcers)
  8. What happens in the small intestine?
    • completes digestion of carbs, fat, and proteins
    • absorbs digested nutrients
  9. What are the Villi and what do they do?
    • villi- fingerlike projections on the wall of the small intestine
    • the villi absorb nutrients increasing the surface area for absorption.
  10. What is the role of the pancreas?
    to secrete digestive enzymes into the small intestine that contain sodium bicarbonate so it neutrlizes acidity from the stomach.
  11. What does the liver secrete and what deos the substance do?
    bile, bile breaks down fats and cholesterol.
  12. What is the role of the gallbladder?
    to temporarily store bile
  13. What happens in the large intestine?
    • water is absorbed by intestinal walls
    • feces are pushed to the rectum
    • vitamins B12 and K are synthesized by bacteria
  14. Where does absorption occur?
    • large intestine
    • small intestine
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Digestive System
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