Circulatory System

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  1. To what part of the body does the pulmonary system supply?
    the lungs
  2. Which blood is the most abundant?
    • Plasma-55%
    • Red blood cells- 45%
    • White blood cells and platelets- 1%
  3. Which carries hemoglobin?
    Red blood cells
  4. Which fights infection?
    White blood cells
  5. Which is involved in clotting?
  6. Which has both T and B cells?
    White blood cells
  7. Which produces fibrin?
  8. Which carries iron?
    red blood cells
  9. What do platelets produce?
    • a platelet plug
    • fibrin
  10. What is hemophilia?
    A disease in which your blood fails to clot properly, excessive blood loss and low iron can be a huge danger
  11. What is anemia?
    a disease in which tou have too few red blood cells and not enough hemoglobin which leads to low iron.
  12. What are the four blood groups?
    • A
    • B
    • AB
    • O
  13. Dominant-
    • A
    • B
  14. Recessive-
  15. Which blood type is the universal donor?
  16. The heart is composed of _________ muscle.
  17. The upper chambers are the ________ and the lower chambers are the __________.
    • atria (upper)
    • ventricles (lower)
  18. The division between the chambers is the musclar __________.
    septa, septum
  19. The right side pumps to the _______ and the left side pumps to the _______.
    • right side= lungs
    • left side= cells
  20. which chamber is the most musclar and why?
    the left ventricle because it is the main pumping chamber of the heart.
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Circulatory System
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