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  1. SATA: The following a true about Primary liver cancer, EXCEPT:
    • Most liver cancer is dx early
    • Systemic chemotherapy is generally effective in tx liver cancer
  2. Pt just dx with Hep A, what would you expect to note (early signs of Hep A)
    anorexia, n/v
  3. The pt is taking zantac (ramitadine) what type of drugs should pt avoid
  4. Alteration from hepatic blood flow resulting from a drug interaction will affect?
    metabolismand excretion
  5. T/F: men and women are equally prone to develop cirrhosis
  6. Pt has advance cirrhosis. PT of 15 seconds…what med would u give?
    phytonadione (mephyton)
  7. Nx completes a transfer summary which includes about pt’s drinking, assessment findings that
    would confirm pancreatitis
    recent losewt and temp elevation
  8. Which lab diagnostic indicates pancreatitis?
    Elevated Lipase
  9. Pt is evaluated for severe pain on right upper abdominal quadrant…MD dx cholylithiasis. which nx dx takes tops priority
  10. Pt has pancreatitis, Demerol is rx instead of morphine b/c
    it causes spasm on sphincter of oddi
  11. Pt has n/v, abdominal distention…Which lab result is most significant
    potassium of 3
  12. Which nx action is most appropriate for a pt with acute pancreatitis
    withholding all oral intake as order to decrease pancreatic secretion
  13. When pt gets better from pancreatitis, what kind of diet?
    low fat and high carbohydrates
  14. Position for pt with pancreatitis
    lying on the side with knees flexed
  15. SATA: Mr. smith has acute pancreatitis, lab test?
    • Increase WBC
    • Elevated amalase and lipase
  16. SATA: pt has possible acute cholycystis
    • Pain at right upper side of abdomin
    • Pain and may have murphy’s sign
  17. FILL-IN: Mr.Jones…vomiting blood and black tarry stool…What would be emergency tx for
    bleeding esophageal varisies? (3 questions)
    • Stop blood loss
    • Maintain plasma volume
    • Antibiotics
  18. FILL-IN:

    An alteration of ability of the intestine to absorb nutrients adequently through bloodstream
    malabsorption syndrome
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