World Civ. People part 1

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  1. Was known for his honesty in business and was a devoted father and husband. He strongly advised people to convert to Islam after he did. He also went on the journey known as the hijra.
  2. Stressed accepting one's place in society and behaving correctly. Viewed governemnt as responsible for setting good example for people and being run by well educated people.
  3. meaning "universal Ruler". Under his leadership, Mongol forces conquered a vast empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe.
    Genghis Khan
  4. Made sketches of nature and of models, and dissected corpses to learn how bones and muscles worked.
    Leonardo da Vinci
  5. Preached predestination, the idea that God had long ago determined who would gain salvation. He published a widely- read book that set forth his religious beliefs and explained how to organize and run a Protestant Chruch.
    John Calvin
  6. Triggered a revolt against the church and was a German monk and professor of theology
    Martin Luther
  7. Dutch Priest and humanist. He wrote texts on a number of subjects and used his knowledge of classical languages to produce a new Greek edition of the bible.
  8. Describes in Utoptia, an ideal society in which mean and women live in peace and harmony. No one is idle and all are educated, and justice is used to end crime rather than to eliminate the criminal.
    Sir Thomas Moore
  9. Broke with the Catholic Church. He had parliament pass a series of laws that ook the English Church from the pope's control to his.
    Henry VIII
  10. Unified England, expanded its international powers and encouraged a period of great artistic flowering, and made a firmly protestant nation.
    Elizabeth I of England
  11. Made a final push against the Muslim stronghold of Granada, and the reconquista was complete.
    Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain
  12. many of his works reflect his mant life-long spirtual and artistic struggles.
  13. A spanish explorer who landed on the coast of Mexico, and wanted to fight the Aztecs
    Hernado Cortez
  14. Sailed around the Cape of Good Hope; established ports on Indian Ocean.
  15. Led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal. He believed that they could convert the Africans to Christianity. He hoped he could fina a easier way to reach Asia, which meant going around Africa.
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  16. Sailed West across the Atlantic Ocean to Caribbean.
    Christopher Columbus
  17. Developed laws of gravity and motion; invented calculus.
    Sir Issac Newton
  18. Developed the sun- centered model of the universe.
    Nicolas Copernicus
  19. Summoned the Estates General. Was a weak king, and was be-headed.
    Louis XIV of France
  20. published the The Spirit of the Laws in which he discussed governments throughout history. Felt that best way to protect liberty was to divide the various functions into 3 branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.
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