Diversiones y afeciones

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  1. bailer
    to dance
  2. caminar/pasear
    to walk
  3. coleccionar
    to collect
  4. cutlivar el jardin
    to garden (flowers)
  5. hacer crucigramas
    to do crossword puzzles
  6. ir a la opera
    to go to the opera
  7. ir a un club
    to go to a club
  8. ir a un concierto
    to go to a concert
  9. ir a una conferencia
    to go to a lecture
  10. ir al ballet
    to go to the ballet
  11. ir al cine
    to go to the movies
  12. ir al circo
    to go to the circus
  13. ir al museo
    to go to the museum
  14. ir al parque (de atracciones)
    to go to the (amusement) park
  15. ir al teatro
    to go to the theatre
  16. jugar a las cartas/los naipes al ajedrez
    to play cards/chess
  17. jugar videojuegos
    to play video games
  18. manualidades
    arts and crafts
  19. navegar por Internet
    to surf the Internet
  20. sacar/revelar fotos
    to take/develop photographs
  21. tocar (un instrumento musical)
    to play (a musical instrument)
  22. ver television
    to watch television
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