Quadratic Equation

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  1. What is the quadratic equation?
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  2. What is the standard quadratic equation?
    Quadratic Equation
  3. What does this mean?
    There are two answers.
  4. What is "b2 - 4ac" called?
    the discriminant
  5. What happens when "b2 - 4ac " is positive?
    You get TWO real solutions.
  6. What happens when "b2 - 4ac" is zero?
    You get ONE real solution because both answers are the same.
  7. What happens when "b2 - 4ac" is negative?
    You get TWO complex solutions.
  8. What is a complex number?
    • A combination of a real number and an imaginary number.
    • Real Number: almost any number you can think of
    • Imaginary Number: When squared, gives a negative result
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