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  1. social cognitive theory
    a contemporary learning based model that emphasizes the roles of cognitive and enbironmental factors determining behavior.
  2. behaviorial perspective
    the role of learning in explaining observable behavior.
  3. behavior therapy
    q form of therapy that involves the systematic application of the principles of learning.
  4. humanistic pyschology
    believes that free will and conscious choice are essential aspects of the human experience. acceptances of true self.
  5. pyschodynamic perspective
    the role of unconscious motivation (impluses which we are unaware) and the importance of childhood experiences in shaping personality.
  6. humanistic perspective
    should focus on conscious experiences even if those are subjective and cannot be directly observed and scientifically measured.
  7. physiological perspective
    examines relationships between biological processes and behavior.
  8. evolutionary pyschology
    a branch of pysch that focuses on the role of evolutionary processes in shaping behavior. (darwin theory) (genetics)
  9. cognitive perspective
    "to think". focuses on the way we aquire knowledge. form concepts, solve problems, make decisions.
  10. sociocultural perspective
    emphasizes role of social and cultural influences on behavior. age, ethnicity, genger, lifestyle, income level, disability status.
  11. positive pysch
    studies human virtues and assets rather than weaknesses and deficits.
  12. experimental psych
    conduct reasearch on learning, cognition, sensation and persception, biological bases of behavior and animal behavior.
  13. clinical pysch
    evaluate and treat people with pyschy problems and disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.
  14. counseling psych
    help people with adjustment problems.
  15. school psych
    work in school systems to help children with academic problems or special needs
  16. educational psych
    contruct standardized psych and educational test( SAT) improve course planning and instructional methods
  17. developmental psych
    study physical, cognitive, social, personality development across life span.
  18. personality psych
    study the psychological characterisitics that make each of us unique.
  19. socail psych
    study the nature and causes of peoples thoughts, feelings, and beehavior in social situations.
  20. environmental psych
    study the ways in which peoples behavior and metal processes influence, and are influenced by their physical environments
  21. industrial/organizational psych
    study the relationship between people and their work enviornment.
  22. health psych
    study the relationships between psychological factors and the prevention and treatment of physical illness.
  23. consumer psych
    study the relationship between psych factors and consumers prefences and purchasing behavior.
  24. neurospchologists
    study brain and behavior.
  25. geropsychologists
    study of the process of aging.
  26. forensic psych
    invloved in the apllicaton of psych to the legal system.
  27. sports psych
    understanding and improving athletic performance.
  28. christine ladd-franklin
    earliest women pioneer. couldnt get ph d because she was women, developed a new theory on color vision.
  29. mary whiton calkins
    women couldnt get doctoral degree, went on to teaching and conductiong important research on learning and short term memory. female president of APA
  30. margaret floy washburn
    first women to earn ph d in psychology. Wrote Animal Mind, 2nd female president of APA
  31. Gilbert haven jones
    african american that recieved a doctoral in germany.
  32. Francis Summer
    first afrian american to recieve doctoral in psych in USA. helped establish psych department at howard university, served as chairperson.
  33. j henry alston
    1st afrian american to publish his research (on perceptopm of warmth and cold.) in journal
  34. Kenneth Clark
    first and only afrian american to be the president of the APA.
  35. scientific method
    framework for acquiring knowledge based on careful observation and the use of exprimental methods.
  36. scientific method
    • 1. question
    • 2. hypothesis
    • 3. observe
    • 4. conclusion
  37. empircal approach
    base their beliefs on evidence gathered from exprienments and careful observation
  38. correlation method
    examine how variables are related to each other but no cause and effect relationships.
  39. critical thinking
    • 1. question everything
    • 2. clarify what you mean
    • 3. avoid oversimplyifying
    • 4. avoid overgeneralizing
    • 5. dont confuse correlation w/ causation
    • 6. consider the assumptions on which claims are based.
    • 7. examine sources of claims
    • 8. question the ecidence on which claims are based.
    • 9. consider alternate ways of explaining claims.
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