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  1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person
    • Every person created in the image and likeness of God
    • (death row, abortion)
    • Every human life is sacred and we need to protect and respect them
  2. Call to family, community, and participation
    • Every person has a right to participate in social, econoomic, and politcal life
    • (marriages)
  3. Solidarity
    We are all one family and responsible to all, pursue justice and peace, calls us to love our brothers and sisters
  4. Dignity of workers
    • Economy must serve the people
    • people have right for basic rights when working, decent wages
  5. Rights and Responsibilities
    • Right for everyone to live a decent life, help the larger society
    • (family, food, education, shelter, etc)
  6. Option for the poor and vulnerable
    How we care for those people less fortunate, embody that in our lives
  7. Caring for God's creation
    respect that has been given us by God, show respect to God's life
  8. Oregon facts on poverty
    • Homeless people had more of a chance at dying outside because of sickness, violence
    • $8.50/hr, some people have real low income and live below poverty line
    • 2.3% students are homeless and are inconsistent with school
    • 4,000 people have used emergency food boxes
  9. Enviornmental policies
    • 88% illegal logging in Indonesia, destorying the wildlife
    • People are getting paid back for injuries while working with waste reduction because there are hazardous material
    • More than 85% of cars if Jakarta are unstable emission cars making it bad for the air
    • 46% of illnesses due to air
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