Chapter 14

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  1. Public Policy is inherently
  2. Policy is the output of
  3. ____________ takes place when the gov't provides specific groups within society with someting of value.
  4. __________ takes place when gov't uses legislative, military, or judiciary powers to stop an action by a person, organization, or group, when it mandates other behaviors or actions.
  5. Which of the following is an example of an issue area?
    civil rights
  6. Using taxes on workers to pay for social welfare programs for the poor is an example of
  7. a bill that funds the construction of an interstate highway system is an example of:
    distributive policy
  8. the gov't function of distribution is often decried by critics as
    pork barrel spending
  9. because thy involve the shifting of scarce resources, the most controversial gov't programs are usually those that center on
  10. The independant commission that investigated the intelligence failures leading up to 9/11 provided ________ benefits to American citizens.
  11. The process of publicizing a problem and demanding gov't action to address it is usually refferred to as
    problem identification
  12. the process of orrganizing departments and agencies, providing payments or services, and levying taxes to support a specific public publicy is usually referred to as
    policy implementation
  13. the process of assesing policy impact and concidering potential changes or reforms is usually referred to as
    policy evaluation
  14. with respect to the level of public support for war, the conventional wisdom is that
    support decreases as the number of casualties increases
  15. contemporary american's concerns over U.S. foreign policy tend to focus on
    -securing proper balance between the protection of civil liberties and national security

    -balancing the costs and benefits of free trade
  16. Which of the following is not a provision enacted after September 11?
    All were enacted after 9/11
  17. In 2005 Toyota decided to build a new auto plantin canda rather than the US primarily because
    canada's system of universal health care allowed the company to save on worker's health care costs
  18. The food for peace program has been citicized for

    a)subsidizing american farmers

    b)undermining griculture production in
    recepient countries

    c)keeping the US food prices artificially high
    all of the above
  19. _________ argue that our system of open gov't, with it's multiple points of access to policymakers allows people without resources like money and connections to still have their voices heard
  20. The terrorists attacks on 9/11/01 are examples of ________ events.
  21. trigger mechanisms are most closely associated with which step in the policy process
    identifying the problem
  22. focusing events are most closely associated with which step in the policy process
    identifying the problem
  23. Which of the four main access points into the federal gov't is usually concidered the most open?
  24. the issue attention cycle is msot closely associated with which step in the policy process?
    setting an agenda
  25. in which phase of the legislative cycle can public policy change?
    public policy can change at any point in the legislative process.
  26. ______ ______ is the policy of taxing and spending
    Fiscal Policy
  27. American Foreign Policy generally emphazises
    individual legal rights and civil liberties over ecconomic and social rights
  28. Which of the following is not considered an access point to the federal gov't?
    city councils
  29. ________ was designed by the founders to be the most open of the policymaking institutions of the federal gov't
  30. Legislatures often write laws witht the presumption that the reasonable __________ will be used in applying them.
  31. Cogress often writes vague laws because ...
    a) it allows members of congress to satisfy multiple constituencies with the same piece of legislation

    b)it often lacks the scientific or technical expertise to deal with complex questions
  32. Oversight is most closely associated with whcih step in the policy process?
    implementing process
  33. John Kingdon's concept of policy streams includes _______ as streams that flow through the policy process but do not necessarily merge with one another.



    c)political factors
    all of the above
  34. the unemplyment rate does NOT include
    b) those who have given up looking for work

    c)undocumented workers
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