NR 435 Chapter 3 Vocabulary

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  1. Batesian mimicry
    Evolution by one species to resemble another species that is protected from predators by a venemous stinger, bad taste or some other defensive mechanism.
  2. biotic potential
    • The maximum reproductive rate of an organism, given unlimited resources and ideal environmental
    • conditions

  3. carrying capacity
    • The maximum number of individuals of any species that can be supported by an particular ecosystem on
    • a long-term basis.
  4. coevolution
    The process in which species exert selective pressure on each other and graduallyevolve new features or behaviors as a result of those pressures.
  5. convergent evolution
    • Species evolve from different origins but under similar environmental conditions to have similar
    • traits.
  6. divergent evolution
    Separation of a species into new types.
  7. diversity
    The number of species present in a community (species richness), as well as the relative abundance of each species.
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NR 435 Chapter 3 Vocabulary
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