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  1. Aknatun
    Egyptian king who threw out the old religion and replaced it with Re (a disk god)
  2. Tutankhamen
    overturned his dad's religion and before he can really do anything he dies.
  3. Hyksos
    nomads who invaded and ruled Egypt from 1640 to 1570 BC
  4. New kingdom
    the third period of Egyptian glory that lasted from 1550 to 1086 BC
  5. Hatshepsut
    the first "queen" of Egypt who encouraged trade over war
  6. Thutmose 3
    beleived to have murdured H. who died 1425 Egypts greatest warrior
  7. Nubia
    a region of suthern Africa strattled by the upper nile
  8. Rhamses 2
    One of the best pharohs, build abu simbel, fought the Hittites at Kadesh, buired at KV 5
  9. Aswan dam
    was going to flood abu simbel
  10. Kadesh
    battle vs Hittites, draw and peace treaty
  11. Assyria
    850 to 612 BC empire that controlled that ancient world due to latter's, siege towers, training, tactics and tunnels.
  12. Sennacherib
    an Assyrian king who was ruthless and allegedly sacked 89 cities and 820 villages and burned Babylon.
  13. Nineveh
    Assyria's new capital after the burning of babylon
  14. Ashurbanipal
    a king who could read several languages and collected 25000 clay tables
  15. Mededs/ Chaldeans
    two armys combined in 612 and leveled nineveh
  16. Nebuchadnezzar
    a cheldean king who restored babylon and made the hanging gardens.
  17. Cyrus
    a Persian king who in 550 BC began conquest in Iran and extended the Persian Empire from the Indus river to Anatolia he ruled with tolerance.
  18. Cambyses
    Cyrus' son who conquered Egypt and was the polar opposite of his father, he was murdered in 537 BC
  19. Satrap
    a local ruler (20)
  20. Zoroaster
    good and bad forces fighting for soul
  21. Confucius
    • an influentual scholar who was born in 551 BC and tought that order could be restored 5 relation ships,
    • ruler subject, husband wife, orlder and younger brother, friend and friend.
  22. filial piety
    respect for parents and elders
  23. Daoism
    philosophy taught by Latoli that teaches people should be guided by dao (way)
  24. Legalism
    people who taought that rulers should provide rewards for good deeds and harsh punishments
  25. I Ching
    thing used for ethical problems
  26. Yin & Yang
    two powers together that representd the natural rythem of life
  27. Qin Dynasty
    13 year old D
  28. Shi Huangdi
    "first emporor" eho began his reighn halting battles killed all confuisms and tried to implement leaglism
  29. Autocracy
    a goverment in which the ruler has unlimited power and uses it in an abituary way
  30. Direct Democracy
    a form of government in which citizens rule directly and not representatively
  31. classical art
    the art of ancient Greece and Rome which emphasized harmony, order and balance
  32. tragedy,
    • a serious form of drama that is about the downfall of a heroic or noble character
    • Aeschylus, sophocles euripides
  33. Arete
    Greek example of life
  34. Comedy
    • a humorous form of drama that often includes the slapstick and satire
    • three writers
    • aristophanes
  35. Peloponnesian war
    a war lasting from 4312 to 404 BC in which Athens and its allies were defeated by Sparta and its allies.
  36. Philosophers
    thinker who used logic and reason to investigate the nature of the universe, human society, and morality.
  37. Socrates
    469-399 absolute standards for truth and justice
  38. Plato
    republic, academy
  39. Aristotle
    384-322 Lyceum Alex the great
  40. Draco's code
    a strict code that said that anyone who could not pay off depts would be a slave
  41. Pisistratus
    546, first tyrant, took money from rich for poor.
  42. Solon
    instituted economic and political reforms but no land
  43. Hippias
    son of Pisistratus who snapped and started killing aristocrats and brought in the spartans.
  44. Cleisthenes
    took and balanced land between poor and rich "father of democracy"
  45. Ostraca
    process by which Athenians expelled people.
  46. Helots
    Spartan slaves
  47. Miletus
    city state started the Persian war
  48. Miltiades
    brang the fight to marathon bay and defeated the Persians.
  49. Themistocles,
    a general that convinced Athens to make a big navy to protect trade routes.
  50. Xerxes
    king of Persia during the Persian war
  51. Philip 2
    the king of macedonia form 359 to 336
  52. Macedonia
  53. Demosthenes
  54. Alexander the Great
  55. Darius 3
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