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  1. How is cardiac out put measure and what is the normal range?
    • L/min
    • 4-8 L/min
  2. What are 3 factors that determine cardiac output?
    Preload, Afterload, and Contractility
  3. Define Preload
    Amount of stretch on the ventricular myocardial muscle at End Diastole
  4. Define Afterload
    The sume of forces or pressure against which the ventricles must pump
  5. Define contractility
    Force of strength of ventricular Contraction
  6. Name 2 methods used to measure O2 consumption.
    • Douglas Bag
    • Polarographic method
  7. Most calcuations are base on an O2 consumption of what amount?
    250 ml/min
  8. What type of sample can be obtained by an arterial sheath?
    Arterail Saturation
  9. What is the accepted carrying cpacity of 1gram of hemoglobin?
  10. Where will an Fick Cardiac Output be inaccurate?
    In shunts
  11. What units of measurement is vascular resistance (PVR/SVR) measured in?
  12. What unit of measurement are valve areas measured in?
  13. What unit of measurement is pressure measured in?
  14. What unit of measurement is cardiac output (including Fick) measured in?
  15. What unit of measurement is Volume measured in?
  16. What is the normal size for mitral valve area?
  17. What is the normal range for aortic valve area?
    2.5-3.5 cm2
  18. What sheath and catheter French size do we need for a TD Right Heart Catherization?
    7 French
  19. While doing a TD right heart catherization, a smoothe steady _______ completed in ________ is required.
    • Bolus 10mL (or cc) Injection
    • less than four seconds
  20. During a TD, ______ out of _______ Bolus injections must be completed and must be within ______% of each other.
    • 3 out of 4
    • 10%
  21. In TD, prolonged injections, warming injectate before injection, wrong amount of injectate, shunts, and C.O < 3.54 will result in _________.
    False High Values
  22. In TD, computers inaccurately programmed, thrombus on thermister, inaccurate large injectate, wrong size catheter, and valve regurgitation result in _________.
    False Low Vaules
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