Macbeth Act 1

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  1. Who was te bloody sergaent fighting for?
    Malcolm, against his captivity
  2. Who was Macbeth fighting at the beginning? What'd he do to him?
    • Macdonwald
    • split him open and hung his head at the battlefield
  3. WHat other king was against Scotland?
    Who was this king assisted by?
    • the norwegian king, Sweno
    • the Thane of Cawdor
  4. What does the Norwegian king want?
    What did they not permit? What happens to the Thane of Cawdor?
    • he wants peace terms
    • he couldn't bury his men unlil he left to Saint Colme's Inch and payed a 10, 000 dollar fine
    • The thane is to be executed and his title goes to Macbeth
  5. In Scene 3, where had the second sister come from? First?
    • 2nd: killing swine
    • 1st: she tried to take chesnuts from a woman and she said no so she wanted to put a curse on the husband
  6. WHat was the name of the Sailor's boat? WHere has he gone? What are they doing? What does the witch travel in?
    • Tiger
    • Aleppo
    • The second witch will give wind; she'll put a spell on him that he will never be able to sleep again (7 nights 9x9= 81 weeks))
    • a seive (kitchen thing)
  7. What does the first witch have control of?
    What does she have?
    • all the other winds, and ports (harbors) they blow into and every direction of the shipman's compass
    • - thethumb of a pilot trying to return home
  8. What titles does Macbeth have?
    What was the prediction for Banquo?
    • Thane of Glamis
    • Thane of Cawdor
    • lesser than Macbeth, and greater
    • Not so happy, yet much happier
    • he shall find a line of kings
  9. At his death, what did the Thane of Cawdor do?
  10. What does Banquo ask about the witches after Macbeth finds out he is king?
    the instruments of darkness tell us truths to lead to our destruction (betray)
  11. After Duncan, who is to become king?
    What is Macbeth's castle called?
    • Malcolm, the eldest (the Prince of Cumberland)
    • Inverness
  12. What is Lady's Macbeth's Fear?
    Macbeth is too kind to take the first opportunity and actually do it; he is too good and nice; he will not do what he has to do
  13. What is Macbeth's first reason for changing his mind and deciding not to do it?
    people think well of him; he just got new honors which will be enjoyed before casting them aside so quickly
  14. What is Lady Macbeth's plan for the murder?
    While Duncan is asleep, she'll get the servants drunk; after they kill Duncan, they'll put his blood on them to look like they did it. They'll do it with the servan'ts dagger. Then they'll cry and mourn to appear innocent.
  15. When are the three witches to meet again and for what purpose?
    when the battle is over, and there's a winner adn a loser upon the heath to meet with Macbeth
  16. What does fair is foul and foul is fair mean?
    things aren't what they seem to be. a positive is a negative and a negative is a positive beautiful is ugly and vice versa
  17. what do we learn about macbeth's coruage and skill?
    he has great strength and power; he threw himself in the midst of the battle
  18. what is his relationship to Duncan?
    he is one of his men (the king's men) Duncan calls him cousin
  19. Who had Macbeth adn Banquo been fighting?
    the Norweigians and traitors in Scotland who are against the king
  20. What does Duncan tell Ross to do?
    execute the Thane of Cawdor and give his title to Macbeth
  21. When Macbeth says "So foul and fair a day I have not seen" what is he referring to? Whta is the dramatic irony?
    • referring to the battle; the foulness of dead people and fairness of the won battle
    • the dramatic irony is that fair is foul adn foul is fair
  22. What do the witches look lke?
    wild in attire, withered; don't look like inhabitants of earth; choppy fingers and skinny lips; beards
  23. What prophecies do the Witches make about Macbeth? What's his reaction?
    they call him thane of Cawdor and future king; he is unsure
  24. Whta does Banquo ask macbeth about the experience?
    he asks him if it really happened. or were they imagining it
  25. As Banquo and Macbeth are discussing the prophecises, what news does Ross brign?
    Macbeth is Tane of Cawdor
  26. What does Macbeth's aside reveal about his thinking?
    he is letting the prophecies get to his head; he is already thinking about killing the king
  27. How does Banquo's comment support the Fair is foul, foul is fair theme?
    Witches which are foul, tell them the truth which is fair. He says they win them with little things in the beginning, which would be fair to betray them all the worse, which is foul
  28. What does Macbeth mean in his aside about two truths being prologue to the imperial theme?
    the witches were telling him the truth twice, adn its just the beginning because he will be king
  29. What is Macbeth's emotional state when he hears the news?
    he doesnt know what to do because he knows if he wants to be king he has to kill duncan
  30. Why was the old Thane of Cawdor executed?
    he was a traitor and performed treason
  31. What news does the King impart to Macbeth and what is Macbeth's reactoin to the news?
    • the king sas his eldest son Malcon, Prince of Cumberland will be next king
    • he was beginning to be sure of his prediction as being king of Schotland; and he beigns to question what must be done for that to happen
  32. In his last speech in Scene 4, what does macbeth reveal?
    he is ambitious to be king and wants to do anything, but he can't let it show
  33. When she says Hie thee hither, what is it she plans to do?
    she wants to convince him to do it; tell him her plan
  34. How does the news about Duncan's expected arrival affect her? What is she planning?
    • shes surprised because noone warned her and then is happy because its the perfect opportunity
    • to kill Duncab by stabbing him
  35. Why does Lady Macbeth pray to be unsexed?
    she wants to kill Duncan and not feel guilty. She wants her sensitivity and feeling to be taken away; let her act more like a man to be able to kill
  36. In what way does Lady Macbeth's advice to Macbeth relate to the fair is foul theme?
    she tells macbeth to look innocent so noone will find out that he really is planning to kill Duncan; Macbeth will seem welcoming but he'll really be planning to kill him
  37. What impression does Lady Macbeth make in this scene?
    she appears to be happy and honored to have King Duncan over. She is gracious fr his visit.
  38. After sayign that if the deed is to be done it must be done quickly, what arguments does Macbeth raise for not doing it?
    he says he has been greatly honored and he doesnt want to waste that honor so quickly; also anyone who kills Duncan is not a man
  39. What does he finally conclude?
    that the only thing pushing him to kill Duncan is the prospect that he'd be king
  40. What does Macbeth decide before he speaks to lady Macbeth?
    he msutn's delay any longer; if he decides thtat he is going to do this, its either now or never
  41. What does Lady Macbeth say in a n attempt to ggoad her husband into the murder?
    she questions her love for him and whether he is a man
  42. Macbeth's response to her about whta a man may dare is frequently quoted. What is his meaning?
    he means that a man does not kill his friend; a coward does
  43. What is the point of Lady Macbeth's baby imagery?
    it adds to the dramatic irony; she adds tenderness when referring ot the love a babby, and immediately replaces it with evil
  44. What does Banquo compare Macbeth's new title to?
    new garments
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