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  1. What is the significance of the ATA-100 chapterizaion system used in the aircraft manuals?
    Its a method of standerdizing all info. in the maintenace manual
  2. What is the range of ATA chapters that cover Aircraft General?
  3. What is the range of ATA chapters that cover Airframe Systems?
  4. What is the range of ATA chapters that cover Structures?
  5. What is the range of ATA chapters that cover Power Plant?
  6. What chapters and titles are predominately in alphabetical order?
    20-49 Airframe systems

    51-57 Structures
  7. What page blocks (range of page numbers) cover description of operation of the system description section of the maintenance manual?
    Page 1
  8. If you are removing and replacing a component on an aircraft using the AMM what page number would you start with?
  9. What does ATA stand for?
    Airline Transport Authority
  10. What is AMM stand for and what is the purpose.
    Aircraft Maintenance Manual

    It is organized based on a system developed by ATA that gives instructions on how to overhaul an aircraft.
  11. How many groups is the AMM divided into?
  12. What are the 4 groups of the AMM?
    • Aircraft general
    • Aircraft systems
    • Aircraft Structures
    • Powerplant
  13. How are the major zones are on a large aircraft indicated and what are the locations?
    • 100- lower fuselodge
    • 200- upper fuselodge
    • 300- emponage
    • 400- nacelles/pylon
    • 500- l wing
    • 600- r wing
    • 700- landing gear
    • 800- doors
  14. What are the block titles and page numbers for the AMM?
    • Description 1-99
    • locations 101-199
    • maintenance 201-299
    • servicing 301-399
    • removal/installation 401-499
    • adjustment/test 501-599
    • inspection 601-699
    • cleaning/painting 701-799
    • repairs 801-899
  15. What does AMTOSS stand for?
    Aircraft maintenance task oriented support system
  16. What are the first for elements of the reference?

    ATA chapter, section, subject and AMTOSS Portion
  17. What does the 4 element signify?

  18. What does the 4 element signify?

  19. What to ATA 200-800 apply to?
  20. What is the definition of maintenance?
    Preservation, repair, inspect, overhaul, replace but, excludes preventive maintenance.
  21. Is preventive maintenance, maintenance?
  22. What two conditions must be met for an aircraft tobe deemed AIRWORTHY?
    An aircraft must conform to its type design and that its in safe condition for flight
  23. What is airworthiness?
    Aircraft or its component parts perform its intended purpose in a safe manner.
  24. What is a maintenance manual?
    • warning-keep persons safe
    • caution- keep from damaging equipment
    • note-make job easier
  25. What is the definition of each AMM test type Operational, Functional and System
    operational-assures that system/unit is operable

    functional- system functions to minimum acceptable design specifications

    system- contains adjustment specifications and tolerances to maintain system/unit and perform at max efficiciency and design spec.
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