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  1. The U.S. has a unicameral legislature.
  2. The 1876 Constitution placed a cap on the number of Senators and Representatives.
  3. Filibusters occur in the House of Representatives.
  4. Texas is the only large, urban State that uses biennial sessions.
  5. Congress has the ability to Pocket-Veto legislation before it goes to the President for
  6. Special Legislative sessions may last up to 30 days.
  7. No bill can become law without the consent of both Houses of Congress.
  8. Texas Legislators are among the highest paid in the Nation.
  9. Congress is organized on the basis of parties.
  10. A special session is called by the Lieutenant Governor.
  11. Congress has the power to review the actions of an agency, department, or office.
  12. The Speaker of the House is appointed by the Governor.
  13. A concurrent resolution possesses the authority of law.
  14. There are 140 seats in the Texas House of Representatives.
  15. Candidates for the Texas Senate must have lived at least five years in the State.
  16. Redistricting normally occurs the year following a biennial general election.
  17. If the Lieutenant Governor succeeds to the Governorship, the Texas Senate elects
    one of its members to serve as Lieutenant Governor until the next regular
  18. The people that a legislator spends considerable time and effort serving are called?
  19. The founders of the American Republic believed that most of the power that would be
    exercised by a National Government should be in the hands of?
    the legislature
  20. The concept of logrolling refers to?
    an arrangement in which 2 or more members of congress agree in advance to support each other's bills.
  21. Casework is?
    personal work for constituents by members of congress. ( constituent service)
  22. Incumbents develop a hillstyle in order to?
    • creat laws and policies for our nation.
    • promate polices and the member's own career a spirations.
  23. The enumerated powers of Congress are powers?
    impost taxes tarriffs, borrow funds, trade laws for bankrupcies, coin money, post offices, war, army, impeach a president.

    a power specifically granted to the antional gvt by the constitution. 1st 17 clauses of art 1 sec 8 enumbated powers of congress.
  24. A filibuster is?
    the use of the senate's tradition of unlimited debate as a delaying tactic to block a bill.
  25. The concept of cloture refers to?
    a process that attemps to limit debate on a bill in the senate.
  26. The allocation of seats in the House to each state after each census is known as?
  27. Gerrymandering is?
    the drawing of legislative district boundary lines for the purpose of obtaining partisan advantage.
  28. The most important committees in Congress are ___ committees, permanent bodies that
    possess an expertise resulting from their jurisdiction over certain areas.
  29. The seniority system provides that?
    the committee member of the majority party with the longest continuous service normally becomes the committee chairperson. treats members unequally. assigning positions of power within congress.
  30. The foremost power holder in the House of Representatives is the?
    speaker of the house
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