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  1. Brand name: Catapres
    Generic Name: clonidine

    Uses: antihypertensive
  2. Brand name: Coreg
    Generic name: carvedilol

    uses: antihypertensive
  3. Brand Name : Hytrin
    Generic Name : terazosin

    uses: antihypertensive
  4. Brand name: Lotensin
    Generic name: benazepril

    Uses: antihypertensive
  5. Brand name: mevacor
    Generic name: lovastatin

    uses: antihyperlipidemic
  6. Brand name: Plavix
    Generic name: clopidgrel

    Uses: anti-platelet
  7. Brand name: Pravachol
    Generic name: pravastatin

    Uses: antihyperlipidemic
  8. Brand name: Rogain/Loniten
    Generic name: Minoxidil

    Uses: antihypertensive
  9. Brand name: Tenormin
    Generic name: atenolol

    Uses: antihypertensive
  10. Brand name: Zetia
    Generic name: ezetimibe

    Uses: anticholesterol agent
  11. Brand name: Assupril
    Generic name: quinapril

    Uses: antihypertensive
  12. Brand name: Altace
    Generic name: ramapril

    Uses: antihypertensive
  13. Brand name: Cardura
    Generic name: doxazosin

    Uses: antihypertensive
  14. Brand name: Dyazide
    Generic name: triamterene / hydrochlorothiazide

    Uses: diuretic
  15. Brand name: Imdur
    Generic name: isosorbide mononitrate

    Uses: antianginal
  16. Brand name: Lanoxin, Digitek
    Generic name: digoxin

    uses: antiarrhythmic
  17. Brand name: Lasix
    Generic name: furosemide

    uses: diuretic
  18. Brand name: Lopid
    Generic name: gemfibrozil

    uses: antihyperlipoproteinemic
  19. Brand name: Tricor
    Generic name: fenofibrate

    uses: antihyperlipidemic
  20. Brand name: Zestril, Prinivil
    Generic name: lisinopril

    uses: antihypertensive
  21. Brand name: Coumadin
    Generic name: warfarin

    uses: antcoagulant
  22. Brand name: Cozaar
    generic name: losartan

    uses: antihypertensive

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