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  1. The MD prescribed cognex, the NX should monitor for adverse reactions such as?
  2. NX is making initial rounds on a pt w/ a C5 fracture in crutchfield tonges what would be at the bedside?
    Torque Wrench
  3. Pt has leg spasticity, MD prescribes Dantrolene given PO to a MS pt to control spasms, how long does it take to work?
    1-2 weeks
  4. NX assessing 39yo pt with MS what S/S would NX expect to find?
    Vision Changes
  5. PT with quadrapeligia is in spinal shock, what should the NX expect?
    Absense of reflexes along with flaccid limbs
  6. When monitoring for most common adverse reactions of Dantrolene what would NX monitor for?
    Muscle Weakness
  7. SATA

    NX is caring for pt with complete T5 spinal cord injury, notes flushed skin, diaphoresis above T5, and BP 162/96 pt reports severe pounding headache, what would the NX do?
    • Elevating the HOB to 90 degrees (High Fowlers)
    • Loosen constrictive clothing
    • Administer anti-hypertensive medication
    • Assess for bladder distention and fecal impaction
  8. The health care team is caring for a pt w/ advanced Alzheimers diesease and new NX has never cared for a pt with advanced Alzheimers what key points should you use to teach the new NX?
    Teach the new NX that an Alzheimers pt is at high risk for injury due to impaired memory and judgement
  9. Most common cause of dementia in an elderly pt?
    Alzheimers Disease
  10. What is the most important thing to keep at the bedside of a pt w/ MS?
    Suction machine and catheters (pt cant swallow)
  11. Which drug is used to test a pt w/ Myasthenia Gravis? x2
    Endrophonium (Tensilon)
  12. What NX intervention will prevent a pt from Auntonomic Dysreflexia?
    Monitor the patency of the indwelling catheter
  13. To minimize a complication of Myasthenia Gravis in a pt the NX should assess which of the following?
    Respiratory status
  14. Pt has Myasthenia Gravis the pt is taking Mestinon (pyridostigmine) what is the s/e that the pt can experience?
    Abdominal Cramps
  15. Pt w/ Parkinson's Disease, when teaching about Carbidopa-Levidopa (Sinemet) what should you include?
    Be aware that your urine will appear darker than usual
  16. Pt is taking Carbidopa-Levidopa (Sinemet) for a yr, which clinical manisfestation will be most critical to report?
    Plasmatic eye winking
  17. A client who cares for a pt w/ Alzhiemers feels guilty because at times they wish their parent will die, what will be appropriate repsonse by the NX?
    Being responsible for your parents care must often be difficult
  18. The MD has prescribed Levadopa the NX should?
    Advise the pt to rise slowly from the sitting position
  19. Pt has Parkinson's Disease and is taking Congentin (Benztropine) the NX should know to monitor for?
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