Quiz 2

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  1. In class, philosophy (in the academic sense that we'll be exploring) was defined as:
    an attempt to arrive at reasoned answers to questions which by reason of their ultimacy are not dealt with by any of the more specialized disciplines.
  2. epistemology
    Does a belief have to be justified to count as knowledge?
  3. Which of the following quotations appears on page 158 in Russell's "The Value of Philosophy"?
    "The private world of instinctive interests is a small one, set in the midst of a great and powerful world which must, sooner or later, lay our private world in ruins."
  4. enthymeme
    an argument in which at least one premise, or the conclusion, or both, is left unstated
  5. valid
    the argument's evidence, if true, guarantees that the conclusion will also be true
  6. premise :
    a statement which provides supporting evidence or reason to believe a conclusion

    (strong) the argument's evidence, if true, shows that the conclusion is probably true

    (conclusion, ideally) the most controversial statement in a good philosophical argument
  7. When we find that an argument has a false premise, we can conclude:
    nothing about whether the inferential connection is good or bad.
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