Quiz 5

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defense has argued that the circumstantial evidence does not prove that the defendant committed the crime. But consider how horrible this crime was; the victim was tortured and then burned alive. Think of how much suffering he must have undergone before he died. Think of his family, who will miss him and be haunted by the thought of his suffering every day for the rest of their lives. Can we allow such a crime to go unpunished? In the name of justice, you must convict the defendant.
    red herring
  2. An education is like a layer cake in that both need solid foundations. Likewise, since too much cake is bad for you, too much education will be too.
    false analogy
  3. A man whose pregnant daughter died at the World Trade Center on 9/11 has claimed Park 51/Cordoba House (a.k.a. the “Ground Zero Mosque”) should not be built because it is wrong that he should have to see a mosque when he goes to visit the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. But Park 51 is not visible from Ground Zero nor is it on a major route to the site. It will not be necessary for him to see it, so his argument fails. (Note: evaluate the response to the father’s argument.)
  4. Stephen Hawking has argued that physics can explain the existence of the universe without appealing to the existence of God. Hawking is one of the best known physicists in the world, so we should accept that no God exists.
    appeal to unqualified authority
  5. Opponents of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy (DADT) have argued that DADT hurts American military readiness by discharging capable, heroic soldiers, and that it hurts unit cohesion by forcing homosexual soldiers to lie to everyone around them. But these DADT opponents are just anti-American, immoral, crazed hippie liberals. We should keep DADT.
    ad Hominem abusive
  6. Recreational marijuana (pot) use is illegal in every state in the nation. And we all know that you shouldn't violate the law. Since smoking pot is illegal, you shouldn't smoke pot. And since you shouldn't smoke pot, it is the duty of the government to stop people from smoking it, which is why marijuana is illegal.
    begging the question
  7. Republican senators have argued they were right to vote against discussion of the defense authorization bill because it included material that was not relevant to the military such as the repeal of DADT; Republicans were not going to be allowed to introduce all the amendments they wanted; and repealing DADT should be decided by the military, not by Congress. But really, they are just trying to appeal to and appease so-called ‘values voters’ so they can get re-elected. They should have supported the bill.
    ad Hominem circumstantial
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