Quiz 6

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  1. "Senator Jones says that we should not fund the Star Wars missile defense program. I disagree entirely. I can't understand why she wants to leave our borders completely undefended like that."
    straw man
  2. "I understand that Judge Parker is an expert on local laws, and that Judge Parker says I owe $500 for parking in front of the fire hydrant in the hospital’s ‘ambulance only’ ramp. But that fine is completely unjustified. The sign said 'fine for parking here', and since it was fine, I parked there."
    What fallacy best describes the following argument?
  3. When Aristotle talks about the 'end' of something, he usually means
    its telos, meaning its purpose or goal (what it is for).
  4. To say that something is intrinsically good means that it is good:
    for its own sake alone, in and of itself.
  5. For Aristotle, to be 'incontinent' means:
    to lack mastery over one's passions or impulses.
  6. In section 7, Aristotle claims that we can figure out what it means to say that happiness is the chief good by examining:
    the function of human beings.
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