Quiz 14

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  1. The objection to various accounts of free will which we called the Regress Problem basically states that:
    if the causes of one’s actions are themselves caused by factors that are not freely chosen, then one’s actions are not freely chosen.
  2. The challenge for compatibilism is how to:
    define freedom in a way that satisfies our intuitions about it without contradicting determinism.
  3. According to Ayer, which of these is NOT a way in which another can prevent one from having free will?
    educating, training, or otherwise shaping one’s beliefs, habits, and interests.
  4. According to Ayer, the difference between the kleptomaniac and the ordinary thief is that the kleptomaniac:
    does not have a process of deliberation that makes any causal difference in his or her actions, while for the thief, the process of deliberation is causally effective.
  5. The theory that there are two fundamentally different types of substance or thing that exist is called:
  6. To say that mental states have subjectivity means:
    there is ‘something it is like’ to have a mental state, which is usually seen as something to which one has privileged access only from the first person perspective.
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