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  1. A _ is a small symbol displayed on the screen that moves as tge user moves the mouse.
  2. What is a file?
    Named collection of stored data, instructions, or information
  3. A _ is a special window that prvides information, presents available options, or requests a response.
    Dialog box
  4. A macro is _.
    A sequence of keystrokes and instructions that a user records and saves
  5. To cut involves removing a portion of a document and storing it in a temporary storage location, sometimes called a _.
  6. When using spreadsheet software, the rows and columns collectively are called a _.
  7. When computer users _ a document, tge computer sends a copy of the document to a medium such as paper.
  8. A spreadsheet feature called _, which depicts data in graphical (picture) form.
  9. An email program allows _.
    Transmission of messages and files via a network such as the internet
  10. A type of communications device that connects a communications channel to sending or recieving device is a _.
  11. A _ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limite geographical area, such as home, school computer laboratory, or an office building.
    Local area network LAN
  12. A _ is a network that covers a large geographic area, such as a city, country, or the world, using a communication chaneel that combines many types of media
  13. A print server dedicated server that.
    Manages printers and print job
  14. When a computder sends data over the internet, the data is divided into small pieces, or _
  15. Widely used object-oriented languages that the industry recognizes as standards include _.
    Java COBOL c++
  16. An _ is an action to which an OOP language program responds.
  17. The _ enables a program to perform one or more actions repeatedly as a loop as a certain condition is met.
    Repitition control structure
  18. What are examples of "initiating action" blocks?
    When green flag is clicked, when i recieve, when sprite is clicked
  19. What are examples of a "looping block".
    Repeat, forever, repeat until
  20. What are examples of "decision blocks"?
    If, if/else, forever if
  21. Where could you find the coding blocks to control how a program starts?
  22. Where wpuld you look to find a coding block to change the background of the stage?
  23. Where would you get a tool to use if you wanted a sprite to draw on the stage background?
  24. Where would you look to find a way to get your sprite to change costumes?
  25. Where would you look to add something to keep score in a game?
  26. If you want your sprite to glide across the screen what would you choose?
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