Spanish Ch.4

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  1. almorzar (ue)
    to have lunch
  2. costar (ue)
    to cost
  3. dormir (ue)
    to sleep
  4. empezar (ie)
    to begin
  5. encontar (ue)
    to find
  6. entender (ie)
    to understand
  7. jugar a (ue)
    to play
  8. pasar
    to spend (time)
  9. pensar (ie)
    to think
  10. pedir (ie)
    to ask for; to request
  11. perder (ie)
    to be able; can
  12. poner
    to put; to place
  13. preferir (ie)
    to perfer
  14. querer (ie)
    to want; to love
  15. recordar (ue)
    to remember
  16. repetir (i)
    to repeat
  17. salir
    to leave; to go out
  18. servir (i)
    to serve
  19. sonar (ue) (con)
    to dream (about)
  20. traer
    to bring
  21. venir (ie)
    to come
  22. volver (ue)
    to return
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