World History Final Exam Terms

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  1. The Estate System
    • 1st Estate was clergy; had some political power
    • 2nd estate was nobility; two types: nobility of the sword and robe; sword were born into nobility, robe bought their title
    • 3rd Estate is peasants; poor people
  2. Taille
    Tax on the third estate (peasants) which the 1st an 2nd estate didn't have to pay
  3. Louis XVI
    King of France before the Revolution; husband of Marie Antoinette; called a meeting of the estates general
  4. Committee of Public safety
    Subcommittee which led France after the death of Louis XVI; originally led by Danton and later by Robespierre before Napoleon took over; caused the Reign of fear
  5. Bastille
    Old French prison raided by 3rd estate; only 7 prisoners were inside, including crazy irishman; Butcher beheads leader of Bastille to start the Revolution
  6. Bourgeoisie
    Class in between nobles and peasants; had money but no title; could buy their nobility and become nobles of the robe
  7. Tennis Court Oath
    Meeting by 3rd Estate after being locked out of the Estates General; rewrote the French Constitution and wanted equality; was a famous painting by Jacques Louis David
  8. Declaration of the Rights and Man
    New French Constitution written by 3rd Estate; said you can try a king for Treason
  9. Coup d'etat
    Using military to overthrow the government; Napoleon does this to French government
  10. Continental system
    French system used by Napoleon to try to defeat Britain; told everyone to stop buying British goods; failed because Britain sold to Middle East and Africa instead
  11. Russian Invasion
    Napoleon charges into Russia; Russians burn their cities so Napoleon can't have supplies so France had nothing for winter; France loses 3/4 of its troops
  12. Waterloo
    Napoleon's final battle; city in Belgium where Austrian and British troops were stationed; Napoleon lost and his reign was ended
  13. Sans Culottes
    Individuals of the Paris Commune
  14. Jacobins
    People living inside France; anti-monarchy; served from Tulieries Palace (the Mountain); Marat is famous Jirondin; gets killed in his bathtub while writing
  15. Girondins
    Wealthy French dignitaries living outside of paris; Pro-Monarchy; wanted to reinstate power of the King
  16. Robespierre
    Leader of Committee of Public Safety after Danton; ruled during Reign of Fear; killed many people; Pushed austrians out of the Rhineland
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