Self concept

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  1. Factors affecting Self concept
    • Internal resources- humor, organizational skills, intelligence
    • External resources- Support system, financial, support systems
  2. Self-Esteem
    personal feeling & self eval of ones worth
  3. role performance
    expectations of behavior accepted by society
  4. Principle of Development
    person develops the means of maintaining integrity of the self in altered circumstances; meets demands of environment without causing undue distress to self or others.
  5. Maslow Hierarchy
    • Self actualiztion- reach full potential
    • self-esteem
    • belonging
    • safety and security
    • biological integrity- air, water, food, rest
  6. Emily Rogers
    continuous development of realistic self concept
  7. Erikson
    maintain stable ID in variety of situations over time
  8. King
    adapt to internal and external stress and achieve maximum patential
  9. Risk factors to high level of wellness
    • self-concept stressors
    • physical stressors (chronic illness)
    • substance abuse
  10. Stress
    causes changes in the normal balanced state of the body.
  11. Eustress (good)
    • growth enhancing
    • strength
    • resistance
  12. Distress (bad)
    • over stressed
    • weakness
    • vulnerability
  13. Potential stressors
    • Situational (divorce)
    • maturational (having a baby)
  14. 2 responses to stress:
    • Local Adaptation syndrome (only part of the bidy)
    • General Adaptation Syndrome- total body response.
    • 1. alarm reaction
    • 2. resistance
    • 3. exhaustion
  15. GAS
    • 1. Alarm- I/C HR, O2 intake
    • 2. Resistnace- body tries to recover
    • 3. Exhaustion- stress over time causees this, chronic epi and nor epi is bad for the body.
  16. Psychological responses to stress
    • Frustration
    • Anxiety
    • tension
  17. Ego defense mechanisms
    compensation, conversion, denial, displacement, identification, regression, intellectualization, projection, rationalization, reaction formation, sublimation, dissocation, introjection, undoing, repression
  18. introjection
    take into oneself the behaviors of others
  19. reaction formation
    exaggerate opposite behaviors from true feelings
  20. available coping strategies
    change avoidance, exercise, habitutation, time blocking, time management, environmental modification, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, journal writing, breathing techniques.
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