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  1. Leader of the Vietnam overthrow of France
    Ho Chi Minh
  2. States that "If we allow Vietnam to fall to communism, all the other Indo-China countries will fall also."
    Eisenhower's Domino Theory
  3. Battle: Vietnamese forces vs. French
    Dien Bien Phu: 55 days with 50k deaths.
  4. Date the French surrender to Vietnamese forces
    May 7, 1954
  5. The victory at Dien Bien Phu freed these three countries:
    • Laos
    • Vietnam
    • Cambodia
  6. Leader of North Vietnam
    Ho Chi Minh
  7. Leader of South Vietnam
    Ngo Dinh Diem
  8. US organization to support SV
    SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization
  9. SV organization against Diem
    National Liberation Front
  10. Our enemies in Vietnam
    The Vietcong
  11. Our destroyer destroyed at the gulf of Tonkin
    USS Maddox
  12. Date of the Gulf of Tonkin attack
    Aug. 2, 1964
  13. Allows president to commit troops to SV and fight war w/o congress declaring or okaying it
    Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  14. Failed operation expected to destroy the NV forces with bombing
    Operation Rolling Thunder
  15. Two mantras of the Vietcong
    • "Fight like a tiger fighting an elephant"
    • "Don't strike unless you know you can win."
  16. Vietcong's biggest two advantages
    • Amazing tunnel systems
    • Fighting on home turf
  17. Three US hardships in Vietnam
    • leeches
    • booby traps
    • disease (moist and humid area)
  18. By 1968: how many US soldiers off to fight?
  19. By 1968: how many US soldiers dead?
  20. US group/party against the Vietnam war, wanting peace
  21. US group/party pro-war (Vietnam)
  22. Average age of US soldiers in Vietnam
    19 yrs
  23. Biggest centers of war opposition
    Colleges and Universities
  24. People group/class: Biggest supporters of the war
    Working class
  25. Difference between what the gov't says and what people are seeing on TV
    Credibility Gap
  26. General in charge of US troops in Vietnam
    General William Westmoreland
  27. Totally unexpected attack on US/SV troops. Vietcong easily infiltrated many big cities of SV.
    Tet Offensive
  28. Johnson: Rep. or Dem.?
  29. Month MLKJ was assassinated
    April 1968
  30. Democratic party's new frontrunner (after Johnson steps back)
    Robert "Bobby" Kennedy
  31. Site of Bobby Kennedy's assassination
    Ambassador Hotel
  32. Month Bobby Kennedy was assassinated
    June 1968
  33. College protest where police attacked and beat students
    1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago
  34. Democratic party's new frontrunner (after Kennedy2 was assassinated)
    Hubert Humphrey
  35. Democratic party split in the 1968 election between these two candidates
    Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace
  36. Republican candidate for 1968 election
    Richard Nixon
  37. Democratic candidate for 1968 election
    Hubert Humphrey
  38. Winner of the 1968 election
    Richard Nixon
  39. Nixon was known as a "magician" because...
    He'd tell the public one thing to distract them from something bigger.
  40. Nixon's plan to turn the Vietnam war into N Vietnam v. S Vietnam (get us out of it)
  41. Nixon's policy with trying to end the Vietnam war
    Peace with Honor
  42. Nixon secretly ordered a bombing of this place to slow NV supplies
    Ho Chi Minh Trail
  43. While promising the people he was getting us out of the war, Nixon ordered attacks in this country, claiming they were supplying NV
  44. Date of the Kent State protest (Ohio)
    May 4, 1970
  45. Kent State protest: The Story?
    Students were protesting the war, OH nat'l guard called in to contain them, and ended up firing bullets.
  46. Kent State protest: results
    • In 13 seconds, 67 rounds were fired.
    • 4 students were killed
    • 9 students wounded
    • (one of which became paralyzed)
  47. Jackson State University results (Mississippi)
    Two college students killed.
  48. Year Mylai info was released
  49. Date of the Mylai incident
    March 16. 1968
  50. Mylai incident: The Story?
    US soldiers massacred the Vietnam town of Mylai searching to kill the disguised Vietcong members
  51. Mylai incident: results
    500 people killed, including men, women, children, even babies--through torture, mutilation, stabbing...
  52. Pentagon Papers: what newspaper got the info?
    New York Times
  53. Pentagon Papers: what is discovered?
    • Gov't has been lying.
    • - manipulating numbers
    • - doing stuff without telling us
    • - lying about how a family's soldier died
    • - delaying letters and tellling of deaths
  54. Results of the Vietnam War: US soldiers killed
  55. Restricts the president's ability to send us to war: he must okay it with Congress.
    War Powers Act of 1973
  56. Nixon's foreign policy: what are the two groups of people in the world?
    • Us: democratic
    • Them: communists
  57. Nixon's Realpolitik
    Do things in the nation's best intrest, not in the ideology of spreading democracy
  58. National Security advisor under Nixon; suggests that w should make friends of China and Soviet Union
    Henry Kissinger
  59. How do we open the door of friendship with China?
    Ping Pong tournament
  60. Chinese Primier who has dinner with Nixon
    Zhou Enlai
  61. Reasons we want to have China as a friend (2)
    • We want open trade
    • To weaken their relationship with SU
  62. Soviet Union leader who has a meeting with Nixon
    Leonid Brezhnev
  63. SALT1: stands for?
    Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
  64. SALT1: what does it do/what is it? (3 parts)
    • (With Soviet Union...)
    • its a major step to ending the nuclear arms race
    • we start trying to prevent pollution
    • we create a joint space program
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