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  1. Three things the counterculture was going against
    Tradition, what's expected, and parents
  2. Three roots or sources of inspiration for the counterculture
    • Beatniks
    • Civil Rights Movement
    • Vietnam-war peace movement
  3. Four things that define the counterculture
    • Rock N Roll music
    • sexual revolution
    • mind-altering drugs
    • interest in other (eastern) spirituality
  4. Some differences with the Generation Gap
    • Dad is provider, wearing nice suit to work
    • Kids wear bell-bottoms with long hair, and don't think about responsibilities
  5. Three positive effects of the counterculture
    • The music
    • More groups get equality
    • More colleges offer studies on other cultures
  6. Writer of "The Feminine Mystique"
    Betty Friedan
  7. Book that started/sparked the women's rights movement
    The Feminine Mystique
  8. NOW: stands for?
    Nat'l Organization for Women
  9. NOW's goal
    Passage of the equal rights ammendment
  10. Woman who believed the ERA would hurt families and make women get drafted
    Phyllis Schafley
  11. Roe v Wade
    Supreme ct.'s decision granted women the right to legal abortions
  12. Law (section/passage) which bans discrimination in education
    Title 9 of the 1972 Higher Education Act
  13. Makes it illegal to deny a woman credit because of gender.
    Equal Opportunity Credit Act 1974
  14. Started United Farm Workers programs
    Caesar Chavez
  15. UFW: stands for?
    United Farm Workers
  16. Movement to promote Latin culture and political strength
    Chicano Movement
  17. Three goals of the Chicano Movement
    • inclusion of Latino culture and heritage in education
    • reduce poverty and improve opportunity for Latinos
    • see more Latino representation in all areas of gov't
  18. Group created to address native fishing rights, but later expanded into civil rights
    Nat'l Indian Youth Council
  19. Group created as an activist group for urban NAs and soon expanded into land, legal, and self-gov't issues
    American Indian _____
  20. Wounded Knee, SD: The Story?
    American Indian _____ occupied it 1973, gov't surrounded them, two ended up dead.
  21. NA tribe/people that was massacred at Wounded Knee in 1890
  22. Granted NA tribes more control over resources on their reservations.
    Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975
  23. Creator of consumer advocacy groups
    Ralph Nader
  24. Organizations to ensure that products were safe and trustworthy
    Consumer advocacy groups
  25. Nixon's regulations to help workers (3)
    • Worker safety regulations
    • Regular breaks
    • Cleanliness
  26. Author of "Silent Spring"
    Rachel Carson
  27. Book that started/sparked the environmental movement
    Silent Spring
  28. Pesticide banned thanks to "Silent Spring"
  29. River that caught fire in 1969, bringing attention to pollution problems
    Cuyahoga River, Ohio
  30. Date of the first Earth Day
    April 22, 1970
  31. Idea/cause of the first earth day
    Protest to promote protecting the environment
  32. Organization to make sure people meet environmental standards
    EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  33. Three acts passed by Nixon to protect the environment
    • Clean Air Act
    • Clean Water Act
    • Endangered Species Act
  34. Suburb in NY plagued by problems due to toxic waste
    Love Canal
  35. Government effort to clean up toxic waste areas
  36. Island that nearly had a major nuclear disaster when the reactor broke down.
    Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania
  37. Reasons people (companies) were against environmental regulations and such (2)
    • Violation of property rights
    • Must spend more money to meet regulations
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