ISP Golden Bears

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  1. tolerence
    A conditon in which a persons body becomes used to the effect of medicine, and needs more of it to work
  2. addiction
    a need for a drug
  3. intoxicated
    A person whose lost all control over mental and physical abilities
  4. withdraw
    When someone quit something
  5. over the counter medcine
    Medicines safe enough to be purchases without a doctors perscription
  6. stimulant
    Drugs that increase speed, brain and spinal activity
  7. depressant
    substance that slows down brain functions and reactions
  8. narcotics
    A drug that is perscribed for pain relief by a doctor
  9. steroids
    used to increase muscle strength
  10. inhalants
    sniffing or inhaling drugs to make mind altering sensation
  11. alcoholism
    a chronic disease, when your body feels like it really needs a drink, you are addicted
  12. Name 3 places you can go for help with a drinking problem.
    Al-Anon, Alateen , doctor
  13. Name 4 factors that alcohol effect a person.
    absorption slows down, if your sick it get worse, the faster you drink your judgement is poor, overworks the liver
  14. What does TAR do to your body?
    damages delicate lung tissue
  15. The physical and mental needs for alcohol which turns into a progressive chronic disease is ______________
  16. What does nicotine do?
    it is addictive
  17. Name 4 side effects smoking has on the body
    gives wrinkles, taste buds dulled, heart pumps harder, throat irritated
  18. Name 3 possible side effects smokeless tobacco has on your body
    creates mouth sores, destroys gums, oral cancer
  19. Name 3 ways you can refuse the offer of drugs.
    JUST SAY NO, walk away, give an excuse
  20. Name 3 effects alcohol has on the body
    Destroys brain cells, stomach ulcers, increase blood pressure
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