seventh grade dict words

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  1. diction
    one’s manner of speaking; enunciation
  2. edict
    public words issued by an official and proclaiming a law or command
  3. contradict
    to speak against; to deny the truth; to say the opposite
  4. dictation
    act of speaking so that another may write it down
  5. indictment
  6. formal words spoken or written by a grand jury charging a person with a crime
  7. dictionary
  8. a reference book in which spoken and written words are defined
  9. predict
  10. to speak about future events, to foretell
  11. predict
  12. to speak about future events, to foretell
  13. dictator
    a leader who speaks and rules with total power
  14. dictum
    a judge’s ruling or statement
  15. dict
    to speak or say
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seventh grade dict words
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