beats 4

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  1. betta
    gettin pumped for the weekend its always gettin betta
  2. rebecca
    cant wait for friday oh hey hi rebecca
  3. in
    tryin to get my knowledge in
  4. in
    thats why im hittin up the college
  5. james
    i bring the heat you can call me lebron james
  6. insane
    swishin in those jumpers make the bitches go insane
  7. flattering
    dont even hate cause jealousy is not flattering
  8. galaxy
    there a team full of stars you can call them a galaxy
  9. gear
    ok let kick it up into high gear
  10. year
    cause now we got more buzz than light year
  11. everything
    in this life i want everything
  12. rings
    not talking about cars money or the diamond rings
  13. things
    just looking for the good life with all the simple things
  14. brings
    beautifle wife and kids and the joys that they bring
  15. all
    but now im done lyrics and all
  16. paul
    time to pass it off to my boys like chris paul
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