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  1. solution
    • a well mixed mixture
    • has same properties through out
    • smaller particles that disolve
    • ex salt water
  2. suspention
    • a mixture where particles are seen
    • particles can be separated by
    • settling
    • filtering
  3. solvent
    • part of solution in the largest amount
    • it dissolves other substances
    • water is universal sulvent
    • a solution can be combination of gas solid liquid
  4. colloid
    • mixture with small undissolved particles that don;t settle out
    • particles settle light beams
    • ex mayonnaise, shaving cream, jello
  5. enzyme
    • speeds up digestion
    • cadalist
    • speeds up reactionin body
  6. fore
    push of pull fixed on a object
  7. inertia
    • tendancy of an object to resist change inits motion
    • force needed only to change the motion of an object
  8. mass
    the measure of the inertia of an object the amout of mater in an object
  9. friction
    to things rubbing together
  10. gravity
    force that holds us to the ground
  11. work
    • exerting a force on an object casuing object to move some distance
    • work=forceXdistance
  12. energy
    the abiltiy to do work
  13. kinectic energy
    energy that is in motion
  14. potential energy
    energy building up
  15. thermal energy
    light radiant energy
  16. thermal engery
    • total energy of the particles move faster temp rises
    • thermal energy increases particles move faster temp rises
    • geothermal heat produced in earths core
  17. chemical energy
    potential energy stored in chembonds
  18. gravitational potential energy
    • = mass x gravitational acceleration x height
    • work done to lift it
  19. nuclear energy
    nuclear energy to electro magnectic energy (light) sun energy to chemical potential energy splits atoms
  20. crest
    uper most part of the wave
  21. trough
    lower part of wave
  22. longitudinal wave
    measure of compressions abd rare fraction like trough more croweded compression higher ampitude
  23. transverse waves
    make medium move up and down
  24. frequency
    • number of complete waves that pass through a pacticular point in a certain amount of time
    • speed/wavelenght
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