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  1. Term for a stagnant economy with inflation
  2. This company is supposed to regulate oil prices from/in the Arab states
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies
  3. Nixon's plan/act to assure rights are received equally by minorities, giving minority-specific college scholarships
    Affirmative Action
  4. Republican candidate in the 1972 election
    Richard Nixon
  5. Democratic candidate in the 1972 election
    George McGovern
  6. Nixon's VP in the 1972 election
    Spiro Agnew
  7. Nixon won all states but one in 1972 election: which one?
  8. Spire Agnew quits his VP position on what date?
    October 10, 1973
  9. VP to replace Spiro Agnew
    Gerald Ford
  10. Government position that serves as vice-VP
    House Minority Leader
  11. Date of the Watergate Scandal
    June 17, 1972
  12. Organization that paid the five Watergate scandals
    The Committee to Re-Elect the President
  13. Night when Nixon fires multiple important gov't people related to Watergate investigation.
    Saturday Night Massacre
  14. Three gov't officials Nixon gets rid of in the Saturday Night Massacre
    • Main investigator of Watergate
    • Attorney General
    • Deputy Attorney General
  15. Main investigator of the Watergate Scandal, fired by Nixon
    Archibald Cox
  16. Newspaper that first got/released info on the Watergate Scandal
    Washington Post
  17. Washington Post reporters who were informed about the Watergate Scandal
    • Bob Woodward
    • Carl Bernstein
  18. Washington Post's Watergate Scandal informer codename
  19. Washington Post's Watergate Scandal informer real identity
    Deputy Director of the FBI, William Mark Felt Jr.
  20. Main points of Deepthroat's information (2)
    • Nixon has been covering up Watergate
    • Nixon has been recording phone conversations that will prove his guilt
  21. Regulates campaigns, defining what must be said (and what doesn't have to)
    Federal Election Campaign Act of 1974
  22. This states that we the people have the right to information on what's going on.
    Freedom of Information
  23. Act that states it will shed light on what goes on in the gov't and what the gov't is doing.
    Gov't in the Sunshine Act (1976)
  24. Act to help or regulate ethics and such?
    Ethics in fhe Gov't Act (1976)
  25. Gerald Ford's failed plan to get rid of inflation
    Plan WIN: Whip Inflation Now
  26. The nation's Bicentennial Year
  27. "the citizens' president"
    Jimmy Carter
  28. One thing Jimmy Carter does as President that stirs up a lot of controversy and dislike
    Grants amnesty (no prosecution or punishment) to Vietnam draft dodgers
  29. Star on '70s TV show "All in the Family"
    Archie Bunker
  30. 70s TV show that talked about controversial topics and showed a family as more imperfect than usual TV
    "All in the Family"
  31. Document signed by many major nations putting human rights as the important thing in foreign policy
    Helsinki Accords
  32. Year Jimmy Carter promised/planned to give the Panama Canal back to Panama
  33. Peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, overseen by Carter
    Camp David Accords
  34. First Arab nation to recognize Israel as it's one independent nation
  35. Term for the leader of Iran
  36. Iranian group/people that organized retaliation to make us give the Sha back (for execution)
    Fundamentalist Islamic Clerics
  37. Iranian in charge of the Fundamentalist Islamic Clerics
    Ayatollah Khomeini (Ayatollah is a title, the other is his last name.)
  38. Number of days the Iranians held US hostages
  39. Number of US embassy people taken hostage by the Iranians
  40. Month the US hostages were released from Iran
    January 1981
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