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  1. How far do you have to dig to get to the earth's mantle?
    About 6 miles
  2. T or F: The earth's core is very hot and is solid.
    False. The core is hot and liquid.
  3. What creates sand?
    When bigger rocks break up by bumping each other due to wind or water and eventually become tiny, sand is formed.
  4. When magma cools it becomes what type of rock?
    Igneous rocks.
  5. When magma in the form of lava cools, it becomes what kind of rock?
    Pumice rock, which floats because it has air holes.
  6. Which kind of black, heavy rock comes from magma?
    Basalt rock.
  7. What kind of heavy rock formed from magma has shiny speckles?
  8. What is soil made up of?
    It's made up of little pieces of rock and little pieces of dead plants.
  9. What kind of rocks are made in layers?
    Sedimentary rocks are layers of mud, sand or even sea shells that build up over a long time and get squeezed together.
  10. What kind of rock is made of layers of mud?
    Shale is mud that has been squeezed into rock.
  11. Layers of what are in limestone?
    Sea shells that sank of to bottom of the sea where whey were pressed and held together by natural glues.
  12. When sedimentary rocks are changed over time by heat and pressure, what different kind of rock is formed?
    Metamorphic rock, which means changed rock.
  13. How long does is take to change sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock?
    Just a few millions years.
  14. When sandstone is close enough to magma to heat it up, but not close enough to be melted, the rock is changed into what kind of rock?
    Sandstone turns to quartzite.
  15. What creates the pressure that changed sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock?
    Rocks below the surface are squeezed by the layers of rock above them. The thicker the layers, the more pressure.
  16. What kind of metamorphic rock does shale become?
    Shale turns into slate.
  17. What creates marble?
    When limestone is subjected to heat and pressure over time, it then turns into marble, a metamorphic rock.
  18. Which kind of rock becomes metamorphic rock?
    Sedimentary rocks?
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