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  1. Led a Baltic Campaign and the war it was in
    • Charles Napier
    • Crimean War
  2. German city with a namesake basin
  3. Shapiro-Stiglitz determines this economic property
  4. Promulgated the Ordinances of Saint-Cloud
    Charles X
  5. Worked with some guy named Martignac
    Charles X
  6. Pope that was in the Lay Investiture Controversy
    Gregory VII
  7. Muslim pillar of almsgiving
  8. Commanded the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War
    Leonard Wood
  9. Russian assassinated at the Kiev Opera House
    Peter Stolypin
  10. Russian system of local of government
  11. Island at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River
    Anticosti Island
  12. Laws that made it a crime to send "obscene" stuff in the mail
    Comstock Laws
  13. Current South Carolina Gov
    Nikki Haley
  14. Alamo of the Pacific
    Wake Island
  15. Pearl Harbor was inspired by this British attack of an Italian port
    Battle of Taranto
  16. Sued by Dred Scott in the famous case
  17. British cabinet post responsible for national security
    Home Secretary
  18. Tributary is the Benue River
    Niger River
  19. River through the Southeast of Nigeria
    Cross River
  20. Led by the Peshwa rulers
    Maratha Empire
  21. Disease with Ranke complexes
  22. Retained the council of Speransky
    Nicholas I
  23. Had a police called the Third Section
    Nicholas I
  24. Last independent ruler of this entity was Matilda
  25. Limited by Brandenburg v. Ohio
    Schenk v. US
  26. Resulted in the case Luther v. Borden
    Dorr's Rebellion
  27. Began because it's state was the only one without white male suffrage
    Dorr's Rebellion
  28. Brought the impeachment resolution against Andrew Johnson
    Thad Stevens
  29. Won the Battle of Chacabuco
    Jose de San Martin
  30. Won the Second Battle of Cancha Rayada
    Jose de San Martin
  31. Culture and Commitment
    Margaret Mead
  32. Crazy Horse-led massacre
    Fetterman Massacre
  33. One of these islands has the name brace
    Cayman Islands
  34. Pharaoh who sent an expedition to Puntland
  35. Guy that narrowly was elected in Pennsylvania
    Pat Toomey
  36. Wrote about cats trying to escape from puzzle boxes
    Ed Thorndike
  37. Gulf in Southern Turkey
  38. Nicknamed "Mr. Republican"
    Robert Taft
  39. Was the victim of the "Fair Play" campaign
    Robert Taft
  40. Most of this event's participants were captured or killed at Holbeche House
    Gunpowder Plot
  41. Bolaven Plateau is in this country
  42. This legislation's ineffectiveness was measured in the Meriam Report
    Dawes Act
  43. Amended by the Burke Act
    Dawes Act
  44. Served the longest time as Speaker of the House
    Sam Rayburn
  45. Sultan who presided over the conquest of Constantinople
    Mehmet II
  46. Sultan who conquered Egypt from the Mamelukes
    Selim the Great
  47. Head of Stalin's secret police who was executed
    Lavrenty Beria
  48. There was a WWII landing at this Italian city
  49. Attacked by an army led by William the Lion
    Henry II
  50. Critique of Dialectical Reason
  51. Paoli fought for this island's independence
  52. Islamic pillar for prayer
  53. Mexican president from 1884-1911
    Porfifro Diaz
  54. Mexican president assassinated in 1913
    Francisco Madero
  55. Battle where Ignatius of Loyola was hurt
    Battle of Pamplona
  56. Wife of Ethelred the Unready
  57. Abhisit Vejjajiva is the PM of what country?
  58. This disorder is associated with "refrigerator mothers"
  59. Represented Aaron Burr in his treason trial
    Edmund Randolph
  60. Proposed the Virginia Plan
    Edmund Randolph
  61. Emancipate Your Colonies!
    Jeremy Bentham
  62. Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca established the first republic in this nation
  63. The Hawk's Nest overlooks this river
    Delaware River
  64. Passes the Kittatinny Ridge
    Delaware River
  65. River with a namesake Water Gap
    Delaware River
  66. The Nuer
  67. Capital of the Nazca
  68. Capital of the Ostrogoths under Theodoric
  69. Parerga and Paralipomena
  70. Expanded on in Reynolds v. Sims
    Baker v. Carr
  71. "Equal Protection Under Law" case
    Baker v. Carr
  72. Called the "Rock of Chickamauga"
    George Thomas
  73. Defended Snodgrass Hill at Chickamauga
    George Thomas
  74. Was second-in-command to Buell in the Perryville campaign
    George Thomas
  75. Won the Battle of Nashville
    George Thomas
  76. Governor who exposed Joseph Bruno's misuse of police
  77. Formed after the disappearance of William Morgan
    Anti-Masonic Party
  78. Jonathan Blanchard led this party to a minor comeback
    Anti-Masonic Party
  79. David Ben-Gurion operation
    Operation Magic Carpet
  80. Scepticism and Animal Faith
    George Santayana
  81. Dominations and Powers
    George Santayana
  82. Capital of Media
  83. Cyaxares and Phraortes led this empire
  84. Northern region of Honshu
  85. Renamed itself the Ancient Order of Hibernians
    Molly Maguires
  86. Dictator of Somalia from 1969 to 1991
    Siad Barre
  87. Removed as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee because he opposed the annexation of the Dominican Republic
    Charles Sumner
  88. Most populous city is Denpasar
  89. River that enters the Sea of Azov from the Southeast
    Kuban River
  90. Separated from the Rotten Sea by the Arabat Spit
    Sea of Azov
  91. Has a permanent income hypothesis
    Milton Friedman
  92. Country who proposed the Pink Map
  93. First Muslim ruler of the Golden Horde
  94. Capital of the Golden Horde
  95. First EVER ruler of the Golden Horde
  96. 1796-1804 rebellion against the Qing
    White Lotus
  97. Father of Caracalla
    Septimius Severus
  98. Range that contains Gannett Peak
    Wind River Range
  99. Nine Men's Misery occurred during this war
    King Philip's War
  100. Ended King Philip's War
    Treaty of Casco
  101. Occurred after the storming of the city of Liecester
    Battle of Naseby
  102. Dynasty that took over after the death of Talib
  103. Nation led by Isaias Afewerki
  104. 1636 Indian war in America
    Pequot War
  105. King who established the Order of the Garter
    Edward III
  106. Led a coup against Roger Mortimer
    Edward III
  107. King who would've taken the throne of France 100 Years War
    Edward III
  108. Beaten in senate reelection campaign by JFK
    Lodge Jr
  109. Won the 1964 NH Republican primary as a write in
    Lodge, Jr
  110. Excommunicated Kind John
    Pope Innocent III
  111. Succeeded as PM by Robert Peel
    William Lamb
  112. Huge bombing campaign of North Vietnam
    Operation Rolling Thunder
  113. Negotiated peace in Vietnam with Henry Kissinger
    Le Duc Tho
  114. This religion uses the Pali Canon
    Therevada Buddhism
  115. Regime that used the "red seals" merchants
  116. Won the Battle of Ctesiphon
    Julian the Apostate
  117. Was killed at the Battle of Samarra
    Julian the Apostate
  118. River formed by the Otter Tail and Bois de Sioux Rivers
    Red River of the North
  119. Basque terrorists
  120. Israeli defense minister during their wars
    Moshe Dayan
  121. Method of description in Interpretation of Culture
    Thick Description
  122. Contractor that built the Deepwater Horizon
  123. Current Secretary of the Interior
    Ken Salazar
  124. Convened the Council of Trent
    Paul III
  125. Current director of the FBI
    Robert Mueller
  126. Dynasty that underwent a "commercial revolution"
    Song Dynasty
  127. Followed the period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
    Song Dynasty
  128. Only big city on the Isar River
  129. A bunch of people moved here in 1889
  130. Thought the Israelites could live in Uganda
  131. Forts Douaumont and Vaux were captured at this battle
  132. River that runs along the western border of Louisiana
    Sabine River
  133. Lost gubernatorial election in New York
    Carl Paladino
  134. Incumbent governor of Ohio and who he lost to
    • Ted Strickland
    • John Kasich
  135. War that saw the Battle of Marignano
    War of the League of Cambrai
  136. Pope who didn't annul Henry VIII's marriage
    Clement VII
  137. Navigator who flew with Amelia Earhart
    Fred Noonan
  138. Earhart disappeared en route to this island
    Howland Island
  139. Kirchner led this nation
  140. Has the Sans Sault Rapids (River)
    Mackenzie River
  141. (Trib) Mountain River
    Mackenzie River
  142. Porfirio Lobo led this country
  143. Early leadership of Tammany Hall had this nickname
    40 Thieves
  144. These were legalized in Commonwealth v. Hunt
  145. Congressman from Alaska who was convicted for prosecutorial misconduct in 2008
    Ted Stevens
  146. Took over for Ted Stevens in Alaska
    Mark Begich
  147. Japanese period from 710 to 794
    Nara Period
  148. Dominated politics during the Heian Period
    Fujiwara Clan
  149. General who wouldn't fight Hannibal head on
    Fabius Maximus
  150. Russian general who drove Napoleon out of Russia
  151. Capital of Renuion
  152. Prussian military theorist who wrote On War
  153. This man's rule was threatened by Adil Shah
    Akbar the Great
  154. The "Prohibited Area" is a huge diamond field in this country
  155. Published the Messenger
    A Philip Randolph
  156. Holds the patent for a saber hook
    Jeb Stuart
  157. Won the Battle of Buckland Races
    Jeb Stuart
  158. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan who died in 2010
    Richard Holbrooke
  159. Led the opposition to Pericles
  160. Participants in the Peasant's War made their demands in this statement
    Twelve Articles
  161. Third US Chief Justice
    Oliver Ellsworth
  162. Proposed the Connecticut Compromise with Roger Sherman
    Oliver Ellsworth
  163. Lost the election of 1816 to James Monroe
    Rufus King
  164. Henri Guillaume is the Grand Duke of this country
  165. Jewish member of the Confederate cabinet
    Judah Benjamin
  166. Running mate of George Wallace
    Curtis LeMay
  167. Nicknamed "Iron Ass"
    Curtis LeMay
  168. Evolves from the Wolffian Gland
  169. Originally led by Emil Maurice
  170. Southernmost of the Punjab's five rivers
    Sutlej River
  171. First secretary of the Grande
    Oliver Hudson Kelley
  172. Came up with the title for J'Accuse
    Georges Clemenceau
  173. J'Accuse was addressed to this French president
    Felix Faure
  174. During this, people remove ten drops of wine from a glass
  175. Clearwater River (Trib)
    Snake River
  176. Craters of the Moon National Monument is on this river
    Snake River
  177. Lewiston (City)
    Snake River
  178. One leader of the Parthians
    Artabanus IV
  179. Current President of Kenya
    Mwai Mibaki
  180. Current president of Liberia
  181. Current female president of Brazil
    Dilma Rousseff
  182. Overturned Pace v. Alabama
    Loving v. Virginia
  183. Henry Wallace was a secretary in this department
  184. Founded by Songhai rulers
    Dendi Kingdom
  185. Briefly ruled by Beru
  186. Was defeated by the Saadi Dynasty
  187. Qara mountains are in the south of this nation
  188. Executed John Oldcastle
    Henry V
  189. Drove the Genoese out of the English Channel
    Henry V
  190. Captured Stony Point
    Mad Anthony Wayne
  191. Was ambushed at Paoli
    Mad Anthony Wayne
  192. Contrasted with a "hypothetical" concept
    Categorical Imperative
  193. Used the Mandate of Heaven to legitimize its rule
    Zhou Dynasty
  194. Highest point of the Atlas
    Jebel Toubkal
  195. Philippines president who died in 2009
    Corazon Aquino
  196. Outgoing Philippine president
  197. American-born first president of Ireland
    de Valera
  198. Main Ireland party
    Fianna Fail
  199. Contains Aniva Bay
  200. Put down by Governor James Monroe
    Prosser's Rebellion
  201. This guy was given away by Mosby Sheppard
    Gabriel Prosser
  202. First indigenous president of Mexico
    Benito Juarez
  203. Went to exile in the US in the 1850s
  204. British admiral who lost to de Grasse
    Admiral Rodney
  205. Capital of Greenland
  206. Kansas constitution that they use
    Wyandotte Constitution
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