Gatsby Ch. 1 Part 2/2

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  1. Deft
    Skillful, clever
  2. Accentuate
    To emphasize
  3. Languidly
    Slowly, slackingly, listlessly, indifferently
  4. Unobtrusively
    Humble, modest
  5. Bantering
    Light, playful, teasing
  6. Infinitesimal
    Indefinitely small
  7. Complacency
    Quiet pleasure or security
  8. Extemporize
    To improvise
  9. Devoid
    Not having something
  10. Sedative
    Calming, soothing
  11. Cynical
    Distrusting or doubting others
  12. Anon
    In a short time; soon
  13. Peremptorily
    Imperatively, dictatorially
  14. Corroborate
    To confirm or make certain
  15. Libel
    Malicious lie
  16. Banns
    Announcement of marriage
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