Supporting cells & nerves

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  1. Supporting cells
    responsabile for insulating neurons & preventing signal interference
  2. Neuroglia
    • glial cells smaller than neurons
    • more numerous (in brain)
    • has mitotic ability
  3. astrocytes
    • cells that are star shaped
    • control ionic environment (prevents impulse interference)
    • recapture & recycle neurotransmitters
  4. microglia
    cells that are small, least abundant, act as phagocytes
  5. epedymal
    cells that help to circulate cerebrospinal fluid
  6. oligodendrocytes
    produce myelin sheaths of CNS neurons
  7. what are the supporting cells of CNS?
    astrocytes, microglia, epedymal
  8. satellite cells
    surround cell bodies in ganglion
  9. schwann cells
    wrap around axons creating myelin sheath assisting in speeding up rate at which impulse travels
  10. Supporting cells of PNS?
    satellite cells & schwann cells
  11. Myelin sheaths
    form insulating layer preventing leakage of electrical current
  12. neurilemma
    nucleus & cytopaslm together are called neurilemma
  13. Nerves
    bundles of axons (nerve fibers) that are myelinated or unmyelinated
  14. Myelinated axons
    move signals fast
  15. unmyelinated axons
    move signals slowly
  16. endoneurium
    groups of nerves bundling into nerve fascicles surrounded by perineurium with whole nerve surrounded by epineurium
  17. Reflex Arcs
    involuntary unlearned actions stimulating somatic muscles or viscera to react quickly in response to a stimulus
  18. monosynpatic
    simple response with no interneuron synapse between motor & sensory neurons
  19. polysynaptic
    one or multiple interneuron synapses
  20. stretch reflex & withdrawal reflex
    SR - monosynaptic

    WR - polysynaptic
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