Physical Therapy Aide

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  1. PR
    Progress Report
  2. IE
    Initial Evaluation
  3. POC
    Plan of Care
  4. UE
    Upper Extremity
  5. LE
    Lower Extremity
  6. ER
    External Rotation
  7. IR
    Internal Rotation
  8. abduction
    The action of certain muscles pulling a leg, an arm etc. AWAY from the median axis of the body
  9. adduction
    Moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body

    (ADDuction means you ADD to the body)
  10. abd
  11. add
  12. prone
    Laying face down (on stomach)
  13. supine
    Laying face up (on back)
  14. thoracic
    Pertaining to the chest area; the thorax is located between the abdomen and the neck and is encased by the ribs. Also called pectoral.
  15. cervical
    Of or pertaining to the neck
  16. lumbar
    Relating to the lower part of the back; of, near, or situated in the part of the back and sides between the lowest ribs and the pelvis
  17. SKC
    Single Knee to Chest
  18. DKG
    Double Knee to Chest
  19. piriformis
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