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  1. spore
    a reproductive cell that grows directly into a new plant
  2. gamete
    a sex cell; sperm or egg
  3. sperm
    a male sex cell
  4. zygote
    the product of union of a sperm and egg; a fertilized egg
  5. fruit
    a mature ovary
  6. pedicel
    the stalk of an individual flower in an inflorescence
  7. receptacle
    the enlarged end of a flower stalk to which the flower parts are attached
  8. complete flower
    a flower having all of the normal flower parts
  9. calyx
    collectively, all of the sepals in a flower
  10. sepal
    a flower part that usually encloses and protects the flower bud
  11. incomplete flowers
    a flower lacking one or more of the normal flower parts
  12. corolla
    collectively, all of the petals in a flower
  13. petal
    an often flattened, conspicuously colored flower part
  14. perianth
    all of the sepals and petals in a flower
  15. tepal
    a perianth part in flowers having no distinct petals or sepals
  16. stamen
    the male part of a flower, consisting of an anther and filament
  17. filament
    the stalk of a stamen bearing an anther
  18. anther
    the pollen bearing part of a stamen
  19. pollen
    a structure that develops from a microspore in angiosperms and gymnosperms to become a male gametophyte
  20. pistil
    the female part of a flower
  21. stigma
    the part of a pistil that receives pollen
  22. style
    the narrow part of a pistil bearing a stigma
  23. ovary
    the basal portion of a pistil that becomes a fruit
  24. ovule
    an immature seed
  25. corona
    a trumpet-like outgrowth of petals
  26. actinomorphic flower
    a flower possessing radial symmetry; any cut through the center divides the flower into two equal parts
  27. zygomorphic flower
    an irregular shaped flower divisible into two similar halves along one plane only
  28. pollination
    pollen transfer from a pollen to a stigma or, in gymnosperms, from a male cone to a female cone
  29. nectary
    a gland secreting nectar
  30. nectar
    a sugary fluid secreted in some flowers
  31. spur
    a tubular projection from a flower
  32. nectar guide
    a contrasting color pattern in a flower that guides a pollinator to the nectar
  33. inflorescence
    a shoot bearing clusters of flowers
  34. composite head
    an inflorescence composed of many tightly packed , small, ray and disc flowers
  35. disc flower
    a small tubular flower at the center of a composite head
  36. ray flower
    one of several small flowers often forming a ring around the disc flowers in a composite head
  37. cross-pollination
    the transfer of pollen to a flower on another plant
  38. dioecious
    having male and female sex organs on separate individuals
  39. monoecious
    bearing separate male and female flowers on the same plant
  40. self-pollenation
    the transfer of pollen from an anther to the stigma of the same flower
  41. cleistogamy
    the development of viable seed from unopened, self-pollinated flowers; closed-marriage
  42. pollen tube
    an outgrowth from a pollen grain conveying the sperm to the female gametophyte
  43. endosperm
    food storage-tissue in seeds
  44. embryo
    an immature plant within a seed
  45. parthenocarpy
    [G: parthenos, "virgin"; karpos, "fruit"] development of a fruit without pollination, fertilization, or seed development
  46. apomixis
    [G: "a different mixing"] development of a viable seed without the fusion of gametes
  47. pericarp
    the fruit wall, derived from the ovary wall
  48. simple fruit
    a fruit formed from one ovary
  49. aggregate fruit
    a group of small fruits derived from several ovaries within a single flower
  50. multiple fruit
    a cluster of mature ovaries from several flowers on a mature stem
  51. bract
    a modified leaf arising below a flower of inflorescence
  52. spike
    an inflorescence in which the flowers are attached to the main stem without stalks
  53. raceme
    an inflorescence where flowers are borne on short stalks on an elongated stem
  54. panicle
    a highly branched inflorescence
  55. umbel
    an inflorescence in which the flower stalks arise from one point at the tip of a stem
  56. spathe
    a large bract enclosing a spadix
  57. spadix
    a spike of flowers enclosed in a spathe
  58. micropyle
    opening for pollen tube to poke its head
  59. carpel
    a section of an ovary
  60. peduncle
    a branching stem of an inflorescence
  61. dehiscent
    fruits that split open
  62. indehiscent
    fruits that do no split open
  63. achene
    a type of simple dry fruit produced by many species of flowering plants
  64. drupe fruits
    • simple fleshy fruit that has a pit or stone
    • cherry
    • date
    • peach, plum, nectarine
    • coconut
    • mango
    • olive
  65. pome fruits
    • simple fleshy fruit
    • apple
    • pear
    • loquat
  66. berry fruits
    • simple fleshy fruit
    • grape
    • tomato
    • banana
    • watermelon (pepo)
    • pumpkin
    • persimmon
  67. achene fruits
    • dry, indehiscent
    • cannabis
    • strawberry (aggregate of achenes)
    • sunflower
  68. hesperidium fruits
    • orange
    • other citrus
  69. pepo fruits
    • Melon family
    • squash
    • cucumber
  70. caryopsis
    • grain
    • corn
    • rice
    • wheat
    • Grass family
  71. aggregate fruits
    • blackberry
    • strawberry
  72. multiple fruits
    • pineapple
    • mulberry
    • fig
  73. schizocarp
    • geranium
    • carrot
    • celery
  74. pod fruits
    • peas
    • beans
    • all legumes
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